Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platforms is Siralim 2 available on?
A: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita.
Q: Do I need to play Siralim 1 before playing Siralim 2? Are the stories related in any way?
A: Siralim 2 is a completely standalone game, and for that reason, you should have no problems with playing it without playing Siralim 1 first.
Q: Is Siralim 2 DRM-free?
A: Yes, Siralim 2 is completely DRM-free!
Q: Will Siralim 2 ever offer any microtransactions, paid DLC, or "pay-to-win" elements?
A: After purchasing the game, you can play it forever without any restrictions. There are no pay-to-win elements at all, and there never will be. There might be some big expansion packs later on, though!
Q: What's the difference between Siralim 1 and 2? Is it just "more of the same"?
A: Nope! They're actually two very different games. At their core, they both revolve around summoning creatures and exploring dungeons. But there's much more to it than that!
  • There's some semblance of a story now! While the story is not the main focus of the game, it features some pretty unique boss fights.
  • You can breed your creatures to make them lay eggs! For example, if you breed a Dusk Crusader with a Neralim Seraph, you'll receive a Phase Paladin that inherits attributes from its parents.
  • Spells can now be equipped to each of your creatures individually, and no longer run out of charges. Spells also come with randomly generated properties such as "Casts Twice" or "25% Chance to Cast On Hit" to change the way each spell works. My fireballs will be different than yours!
  • Earn favor with the gods of each realm. There are 15 gods in total, and by gaining favor with them, you'll unlock powerful new rewards.
  • Nether Creatures work entirely differently and should be much more balanced and rewarding than they were in Siralim 1.
  • Your extra creatures will no longer sleep lazily in the stables. Instead, you can send them out on missions to find treasure while you focus on your own objectives.
  • Tons of new items to help you customize your team. Find runes to change the way buffs and debuffs work, collect cards from each creature to gain permanent status boosts, and much more.
  • The battle system is a lot smoother and more satisfying now. No more spamming the E key to cycle through battle messages! Floating combat text streamlines battles and makes them feel more action-packed.
  • Over 250 new creatures to collect, bringing the total number to over 500.
  • 7 new environments to explore, bringing the total number to 15.
  • And much, much, MUCH more!
Be sure to check out our screenshots and features page for more details! You should also check out our Siralim 2 development blog.
Q: Who created Siralim 2?
A: We are Thylacine Studios, an independent game development company. This is our second game, and we look forward to creating many more!

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