Thylacine Studios

We are an independent game development studio, best known for creating the Siralim series. We develop mechanically deep RPGs for Steam, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

Check out a full list of our games below!

Siralim Ultimate

The final entry in the Siralim series. Features over 1200 creatures to collect, a unique creature fusion system, randomly generated dungeons spanning 30 tilesets, 40 different character specializations, castle decoration, revamped graphics/UI, and more content than all the other Siralim games combined.

Siralim 3

Collect over 700 different creatures and breed them to create new ones that share traits from their parents. Introduces countless collectibles, a complex crafting system, and a heaping helping of end-game content. This is also the only game to include asynchronous PvP to test your strategies against other players!

Siralim 2

This game is a major departure from its predecessor and served as the turning point for the series. Siralim 2 introduces a creature breeding system, 15 gods for you to earn favor with and unlock exclusive rewards, randomly generated spells, and much more.


The game that started it all. Summon creatures and use them to explore randomly generated dungeons. Craft equipment for your creatures to bolster their strength. Upgrade your castle to add new rooms and features. End-game content features the Nether Creature system which allows you to create and hatch powerful, customizable creatures to decimate your foes. Collect Sigils and use them to summon difficult bosses to fight.

Trial of the Gods

This unique card game is a fun spin-off of the Siralim series. Collect more than 100 different cards that have unique traits and stats and use them in a campaign spanning over 90 hand-crafted battles. Post-game content includes randomly generated battles, card enhancement, and a puzzle mode that adds a unique twist to the game. Matches take only a few minutes to complete, lending the game a "just one more round" style of play.