Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to play Siralim or Siralim 2 before playing Siralim 3? Are the stories related in any way?
A: Siralim 3 is a completely standalone game, and for that reason, you should have no problems playing it without playing the other games first. While the stories in Siralim 2 and 3 are intertwined, they can still be enjoyed independently. In short, there's something for new and old players alike!
Q: What's new from Siralim 2?
A: More than we can possibly name here, but just to give you a few examples...

  • A whole new story, featuring 15 challenging boss fights!
  • Over 100 new creatures to collect, for a total of 700+ creatures.
  • Fight against other players' creatures in a Tavern Brawl. Unlock exclusive spells such as Vertraag's Vodka and Tartarith's Bangin' Bourbon.
  • Breeding has been overhauled! By popular demand, Gene Strength has been replaced by a new system and there are thousands of new breeding recipes to discover.
  • You can now find 'Singular' versions of the 700+ creatures in the game. Singular creatures are extremely rare and have a different color scheme than non-Singular creatures.
  • New Knowledge System: the more you kill a certain creature, the more you'll learn about it. Eventually, you'll be able to gain more experience points from them, increase their Card drop rate, and even view their Health/Mana bars in battle!
  • Detailed lore has been written for every creature in the game for a total of over 55,000 words!
  • Tons of new end-game systems to provide you with thousands of hours of entertainment, even after you complete the main storyline.
  • Sigils have been overhauled. They are now used as keys to enter Itherian Realms where you can find Itherian Creatures and collect Itherian Artifacts. Itherian Realms have different properties that affect the creatures contained within, as well as the way the Realm itself works. You can modify Sigils to suit your preferences.
  • Find Talismans and upgrade them by conquering the Itherian Realms. These items provide passive boosts to you and your creatures just by having them in your inventory. They can be upgraded forever!
  • New class perks, revamped traits, rebalanced spells, and more!
  • Artifacts have been overhauled, and the Artifacts you find during your travels are now more powerful than the ones you can craft.
  • Spell Gems no longer have auto-casting properties. These properties have been replaced with more interesting ones instead. In addition, you can unlock Spell Gem crafting early on which allows you to modify your Spell Gems.
  • Gods now play a much more important role in the game. Their shops have been revamped, and so has the Avatar system which allows you to use the gods in battle just like normal creatures.
  • Runes you equip can form 'Runewords' that grant additional benefits.
  • Power Balance is GONE! You hated it, so we removed it.
  • Tons of Quality of Life improvements, including a revamped user interface and a faster, more responsive battle system. You can even 'Inspect' your creatures and enemies in battle now!
  • And much, much, MUCH more!
Be sure to check out our screenshots and features page for more details!
Q: What platforms is Siralim 3 available on?
A: It is currently available on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android (Google Play), and iOS.
Q: Who created Siralim 3?
A: We are Thylacine Studios, an independent game development company. This is our third major game, and we look forward to creating many more!

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