Siralim Ultimate will be released on Nintendo Switch on December 2, 2022!

October 20, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

I am pleased to finally announce that Siralim Ultimate will be available on Nintendo Switch on December 2, 2022!

  • Price is $19.99 USD.
  • Available in North America, Europe, and Australia.
  • All features from the Steam/mobile versions of the game are included in the Switch version.
  • Supports cross-platform cloud saving so you can easily transfer your save files between the Steam, mobile, and Switch versions of the game.

Important note to Kickstarter backers and PayPal supporters:

If you're waiting on a Switch key for the game, you should have received an e-mail yesterday asking which region you want your key for. Please respond to this ASAP to ensure there won't be any delays with receiving your key. You will not receive a key unless you respond to that e-mail and specify your region. All keys will be sent out a few days prior to the full launch on December 2. If you didn't receive an e-mail, it probably means you didn't choose to receive a Switch key, or you're not checking the correct e-mail address you sent to me in your backer survey. Feel free to contact me (Kickstarter backers should PM me on Kickstarter, and PayPal shop supporters should reply to their PayPal e-mail receipt) if you believe otherwise.