Will Siralim 3, The Negative, and our future games be available on Nintendo Switch?

Many of you heard the good news yesterday – GameMaker 2, the engine we use to develop our games, will support the Nintendo Switch later this year! This means that we can easily (well, not that easily) port our games to the Switch. With that in mind, many of you are wondering if our current and future projects will be available on this console.

The answer is… hopefully. Nintendo is a lot stricter about which games and developers they allow on the Switch compared to other companies like Sony and Microsoft. The first step is for me to contact Nintendo directly and pitch my company and games. While I’m confident that this won’t be a problem, it is very possible that Nintendo will decline us.

If we’re accepted, however, I’ll start working on it immediately. Keep in mind that very few developers are actually using GameMaker to create games for the Switch, so I’m guessing there will be a lot of issues on GameMaker’s side early on. This means that I’ll have to report a lot of bugs, wait for them to get fixed, and repeat this process until everything works. For that reason, it’s hard to predict how long a port to the Switch will take. But either way, I’ll do whatever is necessary to get it all working!

I am still not sure if I’ll port Siralim and Siralim 2 to Switch. That would take a lot of work because not only would I need to port the game from GameMaker to GameMaker 2, I’d also have to port it to the Switch afterward. It might be a better use of my time if I focused on Siralim 3 and The Negative, then move on to new games. So for now, the answer is no.

Someone also asked if our games will ever be available for 3DS. The answer is no. GameMaker doesn’t support 3DS and most definitely never will.

Anyway, I’m very excited about this news and I look forward to the potential of getting our games on a Nintendo platform! Thanks to everyone who asked about the potential of a Switch port for Siralim 3 and The Negative.

7 thoughts to “Will Siralim 3, The Negative, and our future games be available on Nintendo Switch?”

  1. Mmm that is good news, I’m glad Undertale gave them the push in the right direction. I might just start using my Switch for something other than the Binding of Isaac, Siralim with physical controls on the go would be great.

    1. Exactly. I am not a fan of those on-screen Controls, but I still want to play that game on a mobile device. The Nintendo Switch would be absolutely awesome here.

  2. That’s my boy! I’m hoping you do get accepted, that way Siralim or just the company in general will reach out to a broader audience!

    ~zapzilla64 on discord

  3. Currently own Siralim and Siralim 2 both on both android and Vita. A Switch release of any and all would be another purchase from me for each one released. I would prefer it there,

  4. I don’t see why they’d decline you, they’ve been letting lots of indie games on there and there’s several small super-niche indie games that are exclusive to it.

  5. They have been letting a load of small indie studies that use their Switch Dev Kits and other engines to release some… well… not so unique or polished titles on the Switch. I have high hopes that your titles will be allowed to join the ranks and hopefully raise the bar a little bit! There are a number of other GMS 2 titles that I want to see on that list, particularly the titles from the awesome Butterscotch Shenanigans guys (Crashlands, etc).

    My main concern would be that Nintendo would pull some BS regarding the slight similarities to Pokemon that Siralim contains. While it wouldn’t be an issue for the other consoles marketplace’s, I don’t think it’s outside the realm of opportunity for Nintendo to be really shitty about letting games onto their platform that contain albeit small similarities to one of their big IPs.

    Good luck to everyone at Thylacine! It could be a huge step forward for you to get your games out onto such a fantastically popular console. The gameplay, control scheme , and it’s negligible hardware requirements make it a perfect candidate for the Switch’s portability,

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