Trial of the Gods: Siralim Collectible Card Game!

Thylacine Studios and JaysGames are very excited to announce that our newest game, Trial of the Gods, will be released to Steam Early Access on March 13, 2020!

Trial of the Gods is a single player, collectible card game based in the world of Siralim. Players will collect cards and configure their decks to challenge the gods to battle. The rules are similar to Triple Triad (Final Fantasy 8 and 14) and Tetra Master (Final Fantasy 9). If you’ve never played those games, don’t worry – it’s easy to learn!

Check out the trailer below:


  • 100+ cards to collect that are based on creatures from the Siralim series! Each card has a unique trait that changes the way it works in battle.
  • Full-length campaign with an unlockable hard mode that is sure to challenge even the best of players!
  • Post-game content that features randomly generated battles. Win these matches to empower your cards and make them stronger!
  • Matches take only a few minutes to complete, ensuring that you’ll keep coming back for “just one more round”.
  • Gameplay that is based on Triple Triad and Tetra Master from Final Fantasy.
  • Easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Please don’t forget to add Trial of the Gods to your Steam Wishlist – not only will it allow Steam to remind you when the game is released on March 13, it’ll also help us to gain more exposure prior to launch.

The game will cost $12.99 USD on Steam. We hope to bring Trial of the Gods to Android and iOS later on as well.

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