Trial of the Gods, a CCG that takes place in the world of Siralim, is now available on Steam!

We are proud to announce that our newest game, Trial of the Gods, is now available on Steam!

In Trial of the Gods, players must collect creature cards with unique traits and use them to battle against the gods.


  • 100+ cards to collect that are based on creatures from the Siralim series! Each card has a unique trait that changes the way it works in battle.
  • Full-length campaign featuring over 90 battles, along with a hard mode.
  • Post-game content that features randomly generated battles. Win these matches to empower your cards and make them stronger!
  • Matches take only a few minutes to complete, lending the game a “just one more round” style of play.
  • Gameplay is based on Triple Triad and Tetra Master from Final Fantasy.


Launch Trailer

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