The Negative: Devlog #9: Monster Spotlight – Breeder

In The Negative, the Life class monsters aren’t quite how you might expect them. There are no frolicking unicorns, devout priests, or holy idols to be found here. In this world, there’s a fine line between Life and Death.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Breeder, a Life class monster that demonstrates my point rather well.

Pretty ugly, right?

As you might expect, this monster is a summoner… with a twist. The Breeder’s main goal is to give birth to a small army of explosive fetuses. Unfortunately, the Breeder must die during child birth if it’s carrying triplets.

Yeah, I don’t know. This is getting awkward. Let’s take a look at the Breeder’s skills.


Active Skills

Gore: Deals a small amount of damage and afflicts the target with a random debuff.

Birth: Summons a fetus bomb on the other side of the battlefield. If the fetus bomb is not destroyed in 2 turns, it explodes, dealing a moderate amount of damage to all enemies.

Foster: Summoned monsters recover a large amount of HP. (Keeps your fetus bombs alive if your enemies try to dispose of them!)

Last Word: Deals a massive amount of damage to enemies, then kills this monster.


Passive Skills

Final Sin: When this monster is killed, it explodes, releasing 3 fetuses bombs on the other side of the battlefield. If the fetus bombs are not destroyed in 2 turns, they explode, dealing a moderate amount of damage to all enemies.

Undeath: When this monster dies, it has a 35% chance to be resurrected with a moderate amount of HP.

Urgency: Summoned monsters gain Charge 30% more quickly. (Meaning the fetus bombs will explode more quickly!)

Living Nightmare: This monster takes damage over time. In addition, at the start of battle, if this monster’s HP is less than 50%, its HP is set to 50%. (Since HP doesn’t regenerate between battles, this monster’s other abilities would cause it to always be dead. This skill helps to alleviate this issue.)


The Cycle of Life

When the Breeder dies, it gives birth to three beautiful baby triplets.

These little guys don’t do much. You probably didn’t do much when you were born, either.

But give them a few moments, and if your opponents aren’t quick enough to dispose of them…

BOOM! Massive damage!

7 thoughts to “The Negative: Devlog #9: Monster Spotlight – Breeder”

  1. This one has got to be my favourite so far! 😀
    Her last passive, “Living Nightmare”, would it also revive her, if she was dead at the beginning of battle?
    My grasp of the english language isn’t flawless, but that is how I understood the skill. That would be awesome!
    If so, it would synergize with “Last Word” very heavily, giving you one big AoE in every battle. 😀
    The three little Fetuses would be a nice cherry on top! ^.^
    A great monster for AoE purposes indeed.

    Your creature designs continue to be awesome for the game, Zack! ^-^
    Also Kudos to your artist! These fetuses look super creepy! Like that thing in “P.T.” XD

    1. Also, will you limit the inheritance of skills like Gore (in this case to monsters that have horns/tusks) or will any creature be able to learn any skill via fusion as long as it can be passed on, even if it doesn’t make sense for that specific monster?

      I guess what I’m asking is if every creature will have a list of skills that it can inherit (like egg moves in Pokémon) or if it’ll be more like SMT where every monster can inherit every skill, except those which can’t be passed on via fusion.

      1. It’ll be like SMT where they can learn any skill. I’m thinking about locking down a few skills to prevent them from being passed on via fusion, but I’m not sure that’s even necessary.

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