The Negative: Devlog #8: Monster Spotlight – Slitherwig

Today, we will reveal the Slitherwig, a monster from the Void class!


The Slitherwig is a monster that specializes in preventing enemies from using their skills by afflicting them with the Silence debuff, or by simply burning their MP. This monster also has a few support-oriented skills, similar to those of the Grimoire, to restore your monsters’ MP. Perhaps more importantly, however, the Slitherwig is capable of removing enemies’ buffs.

Active Skills

Vertigo: Target takes a small amount of damage and is afflicted with Silence. (Silence prevents the afflicted monster from using skills)

Mana Burn: Target loses a moderate amount of MP.

Fray: Target takes a small amount of damage. The damage increases based on the amount of MP the enemy is missing.

Nullify: Removes a target’s buffs.

Passive Skills

Brain Fog: Enemy skills cost 10% more MP to use.

Leech Mana: When this monster decreases an enemy’s MP, your monster with the lowest MP gains that MP.

Interruption: When an enemy tries to use a skill, this monster has a 10% chance to interrupt it.

Feedback: When an enemy’s buffs are removed, the enemy takes a small amount of damage for each buff removed.

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