The Negative: Devlog #5: Monster Spotlight – Redcap

I’m relieved to announce that we’ve added a new member to our graphics team for The Negative! Well, more like re-added. JC has been working with us for the last 4 years and was mostly responsible for drawing the spell effects for Siralim and Siralim 2. I’m happy to announce that he’ll now be working on all the skill effects for The Negative! Unlike the spell effects in the Siralim series, the skill effects in The Negative will be more visually complex and will sometimes even include particle effects.

Meanwhile, Maarten has been busy drawing new monsters for the game, many of which we’ve been showing off on social media. This means that we don’t have a lot of screenshots to showcase for new features and environments in The Negative, so for that reason, the next several blog posts will be dedicated to revealing new monsters and discussing their skills. Since these posts won’t be as long as normal ones, you should sometimes expect an additional post each week!

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Redcap (Balance)

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss the Redcap.

Redcaps belong to the Balance (formerly called “Nature”) class. Redcaps are designed around the emotional concepts of anger and rage. While they’re very frail on their own, they can summon their inner hatred in the form of a Maniac – a wild berserker with no inhibitions. Maniacs can not only dish out a lot of damage, they also protect the Redcap and keep it safe from harm.

Let’s take a look at all the Redcap’s active and passive skills.

Active Skills

Slash: Deals a small amount of damage to the target and decreases its Defense by a small amount.

Tantrum: Deals a moderate amount of damage to the target. This skill has a chance to deal critical damage based on how much HP this monster is missing.

Bolster: Your monsters gain a moderate amount of Power.

Hellions: Summons 3 Maniacs. Maniacs have the same stats and skills as this monster, but have 10% HP.

Passive Skills

Fury: When this monster attacks, it has a 50% chance to attack again. This effect can only occur once per turn.

Inner Turmoil: After this monster attacks, summon a Maniac. Maniacs have the same stats and skills as this monster, but have 10% HP.

Bodyguard: When this monster takes damage, a random summoned monster in front of it takes the damage instead, then dies.

Mimicry: After this monster attacks or uses a damaging skill, each of your summoned monsters have a 20% chance to use the same attack or skill on the same targets.

Suggested Playstyle

As you might have guessed, the Redcap’s first priority is to amass an army of Maniacs to help defend it, or simply to dish out some extra damage. While using Slash and Tantrum can each be used to summon a Maniac, it might sometimes be beneficial to start some battles (such as boss battles) using Hellions in order to save a couple turns. Next, the Redcap can either buff up its army using Bolster, or simply continue Slashing or throwing Tantrums – after all, the Maniacs will do whatever the Redcap does!

3 thoughts to “The Negative: Devlog #5: Monster Spotlight – Redcap”

  1. So cute! ^.^
    Also I could imagine this one to be really good if you equip it in a way that vastly improves its Hitponts and defenses. So that perhaps the Maniacs wouldn’t be as easy to get rid off, as they are intended to be. 😀
    That would make the Hellions-skill extremely powerful. If your other three monsters are positioned in the back, the skill would guarantee that at least one Maniac will be in the front row, to trigger bodyguard as well.
    So the skill would basically quadruple your attack, raise your maximum HP by 30% and also lets you block at least
    one incoming attack. That’s value! 😀
    I think I will be really enjoying the summoning type skills in this game! ^-^
    I always loved “token creatures” in MtG. Quantity over quality! XD

    Thanks for all the juicy news, Zack! 😉

  2. How does Bodyguard work exactly? Do the Maniacs have to be in the same row as the user? Are there any penalties for being in the back when attacking physically?

    1. From the player’s side, the Maniacs would need to be in any column to the right of the Redcap (in other words, they’d be in front of the Redcap).

      I’ll explain more about positioning when I write a devlog about battles, but for the sake of clarity: monsters deal more damage in the front row and take less damage in the back row.

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