The Negative, Devlog #4: Equipment, How To Upgrade It, And Its Role In End-Game Content

Your monsters can each equip up to 4 pieces of gear. Each monster can only equip gear that belongs to certain “slots” – for example, the Ashen Witch can only equip rings, necklaces, leg armor, and chest armor, while another monster may be able to equip only weapons, shields, rings, and helmets.

Each type of equipment has exclusive properties that are available only to that specific slot. For example, weapons can give a percentage-based boost to Power, while shields do the same for Defense.


Equipment is obtained by defeating monsters, looting treasure chests, and completing quests. Unlike in a lot of other games, you will not be able to craft your own equipment. My hope is that, as you find new equipment, it will naturally and dynamically change the way you approach the game. You can, however, upgrade and slightly modify equipment to suit your needs.

Types of Equipment

There are 7 different types of equipment for you to collect: Helmets, Chest Armor, Leg Armor, Weapons, Shields, Rings, and Necklaces. As I mentioned before, each monster is restricted to being able to equip only 4 of these types of equipment. One monster might be able to equip weapons, while another cannot. This means that, when deciding which monsters to add to your party, you should also consider the type of equipment they can use.

Unique Equipment

The rarest (and most powerful) equipment in the game is called “unique” equipment. While most equipment is randomly generated, I’ve designed the unique equipment by hand. Each piece of unique equipment has a predetermined name, and typically has properties that you won’t find anywhere else. Some of this equipment even grant exclusive skills to your monsters that you won’t find anywhere else. Each monster can only equip one piece of unique equipment.


You can upgrade your equipment by collecting ore and taking it to a blacksmith. Each piece of equipment can be upgraded up to 10 times, with each level making the equipment more powerful than before.

Unique equipment requires a special type of ore called “Godstones”. This ore is much harder to find than normal ore, so you should save it only for when you find a piece of equipment you plan to use for a long time.


The blacksmith can also salvage unwanted equipment, yielding a small amount of ore. This feature is especially useful for when your monsters have out-leveled the usefulness of the equipment in your inventory. You can re-invest the resulting ore into upgrades for new equipment.

Role In End-Game Content

One of the many end-game activities in The Negative revolves around a “loot hunt”, much like ARPGs such as Diablo. After completing the game’s main storyline quests, you’ll be able to challenge ultra-powerful bosses that drop exclusive unique equipment.

Other end-game activities grant you the opportunity to imbue your favorite equipment with new properties. However, since this post isn’t really meant to discuss all of The Negative’s end-game content, I’ll save the details about this for a future post.

6 thoughts to “The Negative, Devlog #4: Equipment, How To Upgrade It, And Its Role In End-Game Content”

  1. Great post! Can’t wait to learn more about the game. Will any of the equipment graphically show up on the monsters? Can you, as the “master”, have any equips? Are there level limits for you and the monsters?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Nope, equipment won’t have any visual changes on your monsters, with a few exceptions (such as a unique item that transforms the monster that is using it). Your character won’t equip anything either – the focus is all on your monsters.

      There is a level cap for your character and monsters. Right now it’s 999, but most people won’t ever reach it. The experience curve is a lot like Diablo 2 and Path of Exile, where the last few levels leading up to the cap take a very long time.

  2. Loot hunt you say? I’m all ears! 😀
    That is pretty much my favourite part in any game! I’m so hyped now! ^-^
    Also I really love the concept of monsters not being able to equip everything. I guess that means that we won’t need to find a pair of boots for our snake monster! XD
    Great idea, Zack. 😉

  3. Holy shit! This UI looks MUCH better than past projects. Your sprite game has been seriously improved as well. This game looks fantastic guys!

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