The Negative: Devlog #19: Monster Spotlight – Nix

This monster is definitely one of my favorites. The Nix is a psychic ninja that belongs to the Mind class. Its skills are all about dealing quick and clever damage or surviving incoming attacks in unconventional ways. This monster’s sole drawback is that its skills are “selfish” by nature – it doesn’t do much to help your other monsters in battle.

Active Skills

Backstab: Deals a small amount of damage, or a moderate amount of damage if the enemy isn’t in the front column.

Psychic Shurikens: 6 random enemies take a small amount of damage.

Preparation: This monster gains a moderate amount of Speed, then becomes Invisible.

Smoke Bomb: Enemies take a moderate amount of damage, and the weather is changed to fog. (Note: the “fog” weather effect causes all monsters to have a chance to miss attacks)

Passive Skills

Ambush: At the start of battle, this monster becomes Invisible.

Cloak of Shadows: Your monsters are immune to the adverse effects of fog and wind.

Shadow Focus: When an ally takes damage, this monster gains a small amount of Power. This skill can only activate once per turn.

Shadow Clone: When an enemy attacks, this monster has a 15% chance to summon a shadow clone of itself. The clone swaps positions with the enemy’s target before it attacks.

5 thoughts to “The Negative: Devlog #19: Monster Spotlight – Nix”

  1. I hope this one isn’t unique and can be captured, because I can already tell I’ll be wanting a full fleet of Carver Nix Shadowstalkers.

  2. Hey, I have an idea, for the negative (and/or the possible Siralim 3) a size stat. Maybe some traits or spells that do increased damage against large or small targets. Another fun thing to do would be something that looks like the reaper leviathan from subnautica.
    P.S. please give me some kind of answer, or at least an indication that you read this post.i can’t stop asking questions unless I get SOME type of response, wether it’s yes,no,maybe,acknowledged,etc.

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