The Negative: Devlog #16: Monster Spotlight – Jotun

On Facebook and TwitterI asked which of the following monsters you wanted me to reveal today. The choices were between Jotun, The Deceived, or the Alchemist, and you chose Jotun! If you’d like to participate in the next vote (coming in just a few days), remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Jotun is a Chaos monster that makes use of a terrain effect called “magma pools”. Magma pools can appear underneath a monster in battle, causing them to take damage over time. Monsters can move away from these pools, which of course costs them their turn. You’ll need to decide if your monsters’ safety is worth stalling the battle longer.

Active Skills

Eruption: Deals a small amount of damage and creates a magma pool at the target location. If this skill is used on your own monsters, it deals no damage.

Volcano: Deals a moderate amount of damage to all enemies, plus 20% damage for each magma pool on the battlefield.

Molten Reflection: This monster splits into 2 separate monsters. Each one has 35% of the original monster’s HP.

Firestorm: Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies. Each position on the enemy’s side of the battlefield has a 30% chance to erupt into a pool of magma.


Passive Skills

Lava Spawn: This monster receives healing over time from magma pools instead of taking damage from them.

Molten Shield: While this monster is standing in a magma pool, it takes 15% less damage.

Incinerate: This monster deals 5% damage for each consecutive time it has attacked or used a skill on the target.

Ashes to Ashes: This monster deals 5% more damage for each magma pool on the battlefield.


4 thoughts to “The Negative: Devlog #16: Monster Spotlight – Jotun”

    1. Thanks for the comment – great question! The Jotun is actually a fruitarian, and therefore dines only on fruits, with the occasional sprinkle of nuts and seeds. Meat, as well as anything else you might find on a burger, is strictly off-limits.

  1. Interesting 🙂

    Molten Reflection: Does the 2 new monsters have the same skills as The Jotun?
    If it does, is this skill blocked out or can this 2 “smaller” monster split themselves more times?

    1. As of right now, it’ll inherit all of those skills. But if you use Molten Reflection a second time, you’re going to have some really fragile monsters at that point – if the first pair have 35% HP, that means the split version of that monster will have 12% HP, which will probably die in one hit. It’s a good risk vs reward scenario.

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