The Negative: Devlog #14: Monster Spotlight – Glumroth

Glumroth belongs to the Void class. This cute little guy doesn’t do much at the start of battle thanks to its low Speed (made worse by one of its passive skills!), but is capable of gaining a huge damage advantage over his opponents thanks to his many sources of Power gains and his ability to decrease his enemies’ Defense.

Glumroth also has a few very powerful passive skills, including some that deal damage to all monsters on the battlefield (including your own monsters!) and healing himself based on the number of monsters damaged. Perhaps most importantly, Glumroth has the unique ability to disable a piece of an enemy’s equipment – this is especially useful when an enemy is wielding a piece of unique gear that grants it an annoying, powerful skill.

Active Skills

Blood Feast: Target takes a small amount of damage and this monster recovers a moderate amount of HP.

Devour: Target takes a moderate amount of damage. If this skill kills the target, this monster recovers 50% HP.

Stomach Acid: Enemies lose a moderate amount of Defense.

Belch: Disables a piece of the target’s equipment for the rest of the battle, and creates a poison pool at the target’s location.

Passive Skills

Insatiable: When this monster is healed, and the amount of healing exceeds its Maximum HP, 20% of the amount it would have recovered is instead gained as Power.

Gluttony: At the start of battle, 20% of this monster’s Speed is converted to Power.

Noxious: At the start of this monster’s turn, it deals a small amount of damage to all monsters.

Voracity: When this monster deals damage, it recovers 1% HP for each monster damaged.

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