The Negative: Devlog #12: Monster Spotlight – Spirit

The Spirit is a Life monster with a skill set that focuses on manipulating the battlefield in unconventional ways. Most of its skills change their effects based on the stats of other monsters in battle. In addition, it capitalizes on having high Resistances, which work closely with the Defense stat to mitigate a large amount of incoming damage.

Active Skills

Mortal Coil: Deals a small amount of damage. The damage is based on the target’s lowest Resistance.

Ancient Gift: Target gains a large amount of Power, Defense, Speed, or Luck – whichever is highest.

Decrepify: Enemies lose a small amount of Power, Defense, Speed, or Luck – whichever is highest.

Soul Blade: Deals a large amount of damage to the enemy with the lowest HP.

Passive Skills

Pierce Soul: This monster’s attacks and skills deal damage as if its targets have 15% less Resistance.

Magic Shell: This monster’s maximum Resistances are 75%. (The maximum is normally 50%)

Resilience: This monster has 15% additional Resistances. 

Impunity: This monster’s Resistances cannot be lowered.

Attack animations look really weird when they’re looped over and over again.

2 thoughts to “The Negative: Devlog #12: Monster Spotlight – Spirit”

  1. Very nice buff and debuff skills, and interesting passives that would help a monster that can draw enemy attacks to itself.

  2. Cool! Spoopy! ^.^
    And I really love her actives. The debuff is like the one that this baby-wielding spectre in Siralim 2 had, which was super useful! On top of that she seems to make for a very useful elemental tank. Tanky debuffer?
    Annoying! I like that! ;D

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