The Negative: Devlog #11: Monster Spotlight – Pontiff

The Pontiff is a highly-versatile monster that belongs to the Life class. This monster’s skills all have different effects depending on whether you use them on an ally or an enemy.

The Pontiff is capable of dishing out a high amount of damage while also offering buff support, stat boosts, and most prominently, healing. This monster’s main weakness is that its skills cost a high amount of MP – so while each skill is quite powerful, you’ll need to use them sparingly… or simply stock up on mana potions.

Active Skills

Flagellation: Deals a small amount of damage to an enemy, or recovers a small amount of HP for an ally.

Declaration: Enemies are afflicted with a random debuff, and allies are granted a random buff.

Determination: Enemies lose a small amount of their highest stat, and allies gain a small amount of their lowest stat.

Judgment Day: Enemies take a large amount of damage, and allies recover a large amount of HP.


Passive Skills

Divinity: After this monster uses a skill, it gains a Barrier that absorbs damage equal to 15% of its Maximum HP.

Belittle: When this monster damages an enemy, the enemy loses a small amount of Power.

Unstifled: This monster is immune to Silence.

Inspiration: When this monster heals an ally, the ally gains a small amount of Power.

Apparently, looping this monster’s attack animation makes it look like it’s trying to get its groove on.

5 thoughts to “The Negative: Devlog #11: Monster Spotlight – Pontiff”

  1. Sounds like Judgment Day could be one of the best skills for endgame. Will MP costs be a fixed number or a percentage of the monster’s MP?

    1. I’m not 100% sure how skill costs will scale yet. They probably won’t be exact percentages of a monster’s MP since that kind of defeats the purpose of gaining more MP with new equipment and levels, so it’ll probably end up being some formula related to the monsters’ levels, stats, and of course the skill itself.

  2. Unrelated question. Would you consider introducing some sort of “bank” in towns where you can deposit Zeal? Even if it is a high cost or something (also, it wouldn’t count for positivity). I imagine losing Zeal permanently could be really frustrating at extremely high levels when you need to stockpile a lot just to get one level.

    1. The game probably won’t start out with a bank or anything like that, but if it turns out to be necessary to mitigate frustration, that’s something that could be added, especially during Early Access.

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