Features and Screenshots

Endless randomly generated worlds to explore.

In Siralim, you will never see the same dungeon twice. Each dungeon has its own "biome" which determines what it looks like, but the entire layout is randomized. There is a total of eight biomes for you to unlock and explore, including tranquil grasslands, fiery volcanoes, and whimsical towers of sorcery. In each dungeon you will be tasked with randomly generated quests to complete in exchange for treasure.

Summon hundreds of creatures to fight by your side.

Each creature has its own unique ability that changes the way you play the game. Some creatures offer benefits in combat, while others will aid you in exploring dungeons. You can control a maximum of six creatures at a time, and you must carefully choose creatures that complement each other if you wish to survive. There are over 300 creatures to collect, and more will be added over time.

Fight in strategic turn-based battles.

Battles in Siralim are all fought by your creatures in turn-based battle. Combat requires thoughtful strategy to ensure your victory - battles are both difficult and dynamic, forcing you to plan ahead or you will die. "Button mashing" won't get you very far in this game.

Rather than walking around until a battle randomly begins, Siralim's overworld is similar to a roguelike game; you can see your enemies as they approach, and if they spot you they will chase you. If they catch up to you, a battle will ensue.

Craft and customize your equipment.

Each of your creatures can equip one artifact to boost their stats or grant them new abilities. While you can find many of these items by completing quests or finding treasure chests, the most powerful artifacts must be crafted at the blacksmith and enhanced by the enchanter.

Siralim's crafting system is very deep. You must collect the proper crafting materials in order to enchant an artifact with the stats and abilities that you prefer. There are over 500 different crafting materials to collect, and each one will affect your artifacts differently.

Upgrade and manage your kingdom to lead it to prosperity.

You are the king (or queen) of your castle. It is your duty to protect it by raising an army of creatures, to bolster its economy by finding treasure, and to expand it by constructing new rooms and facilities.

There are dozens of upgrades available for your castle. Many of these upgrades add new rooms or NPCs to the castle that unlock new features, while others unlock new creatures and items for you to use.

It's your world. Do what you want to do... when you want to do it.

There is plenty more to do in Siralim than just dungeon crawling. Maybe you'd prefer to try your luck fighting in the battle arena. Or perhaps you'd like to use magical sigils to summon powerful bosses to fight which grant unique rewards and tell a bit about the lore of Siralim.

Or maybe you're not in the mood to fight at all. Maybe you'd rather take in the ambiance of the tavern while playing a game of dice with the gambling dwarves. Or, if you're looking for a long-term project, you might want to craft an egg that will someday hatch into an ultra-strong version of a normal creature. If you're looking for an even greater challenge, you can play the game in perma-death mode where each battle might be your last.

All of that and more - with no limits. There's not even a level cap. Want to gain experience points until your character is level 937? Go for it. Siralim has no restrictions - this is your world and you can play the game the way you want.