7 thoughts to “Siralim Ultimate: Kickstarter is live!”

  1. So about Rodian Creature Masters. You said they’re going to be very difficult and will require deep strategy to beat. But since I assume every race will have their own Master and which Master you encounter at a given instance will be random, doesn’t that mean that you can’t really prepare your strategy after all? You can’t pick which Master to battle after all. Of course maybe I’m missing something here.

  2. Hello there! – Good luck with the kickstarter! 😀

    I had a question in regards to the 38$ pledge – Included seems to be 2x a copy of the game. I’d like to gift this copy to a friend of course, but I was wondering if we’d both be able to have access to the Alpha/Beta stages of the game with this pledge? – We’d both be playing on Steam.

    1. Thanks for your support! The alpha/beta part of the rewards are 1 key only, so only one person would be able to participate in those stages of development.

      1. Aw nutters – That’s too bad! – Will see what we can do instead then! – Thanks for the heads up on that!

  3. Congrats on crushing goals so fast!

    It seems apparent to me that Roguelike mode, which you enter thorugh a portal should be its own realm with its own god. A Trickster god seems fitting, being the one to apply the modifiers and sends nasty creatures with random stats/spells combos your way for reward.

    Supporting the campaign because of this mode, bring on the tough battles, random events/dungeons/enemies and other modifiers! Moooaaar.

    1. And also, roguelike mode is a great place to let us face the teams of other players that have also died in roguelike mode 🙂 Provided they were online or registered on the server of course.

      I remember this strange roguelite on PS4 called “Let It Die”, and it incorporated a neat feature where you could encounter shadows of other players that had died in the tower. They were called “Haters” (heh) and carried the equipment and stats of the original, sometimes you could even meet yourself! I loved that.

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