Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Necromancer Specialization

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I’ve revealed a new specialization in Siralim Ultimate, so let’s fix that today.

I know that I haven’t revealed any Chaos-oriented specializations yet, but I’d really like to do another Death specialization today instead: the Necromancer.

Necromancer Playstyle

The Necromancer is arguably one of the more interesting specializations in Siralim Ultimate because it utilizes a new battle mechanic: minions. In case you forgot what minions are, you can read about them in one of my previous blog posts.

In all the previous Siralim games, I always wanted to make the Death class feel like you were controlling a huge army of undead creatures. Obviously, that goal fell short since you can only have six creatures in your party at a time. I tried to add a bunch of things to the Death class to still make it feel like you were raising an army of the dead, but it never worked out quite how it should have.

For that reason, the Necromancer specialization will make use of minions to give players the feeling that they’re controlling a massive army, and your own creatures are the commanders of that army.


Necromancer Perks

Please note that the numerical values shown for each of these perks is not final yet. Any values shown in {brackets} increase as you level up the perk, but for the sake of clarity, I’ve provided you with their maximum values already.

If a buff or debuff is different in Siralim Ultimate compared to Siralim 3, I’ll make a note of it below each perk’s description. Otherwise, you can assume the buff/debuff works the same way that it always has.

Also, note that Death, Conquest, Famine, and War are now classified as minions in Siralim Ultimate.


Animated Dead – Your creatures start battles with {3} Zombies.

  • Zombies: At the start of this minion’s master’s turn, each Zombie deals damage to a random enemy equal to 80% of its Attack. Maximum of 9 stacks.

Corpse Eater – Your creatures start battles with {3} Writhelings.

  • Writhelings: When this minion’s master takes damage, each Writheling afflicts a random enemy with a random debuff. Maximum of 9 stacks.

Cruel Creation – Your creatures start battles with {3} Shambling Horrors.

  • Shambling Horror: This minion’s master has 10% more stats for each Shambling Horror it has. After this minion’s master Defends or Provokes, it deals damage to all enemies equal to 10% of its highest stat for each stack of Shambling Horror it has. Maximum of 9 stacks.

Army of the Damned – At the start of your creatures’ turns, their minions gain 1 additional stack.

Conquest’s Triumph – After your creatures cast a spell, they summon Conquest.

  • Conquest: After this minion’s master casts a spell, it grants all your creatures a random buff.

Death’s Claim – At the end of your creatures’ turns, they summon Death.

  • Death: At the start of this minion’s master’s turn, it has a chance to kill the enemy with the lowest Health. The chance is increased based on how low the enemy’s Health is.

Famine’s Thirst – After your creatures attack, they summon Famine.

  • Famine: After this minion’s master attacks, it decreases the target’s Maximum Health by an amount equal to 30% of the damage dealt.

War’s Victory – After your creatures are damaged by an attack or spell, they summon War.

  • War: After this minion’s master is damaged, it deals damage to the enemy equal to 50% of the damage taken.

Four Horsemen – If your creatures have Conquest, Famine, Death, and War, they cast Apocalypse at the start of their turns. Your creatures are healed by this spell.

  • Apocalypse Spell Description: All creatures take a massive amount of damage.

Deadly Vitality – After your creatures gain a minion or a minion stack, they recover Health equal to {20%} of their Maximum Health.

Gravewalker – After your creatures are killed, they have a {10%} chance to be resurrected with 50% Health for each different minion they had before they died.

Meat Shield – Your creatures take {10%} less damage for each different minion they have.

Midnight Bargain – Your creatures’ minions are {50%} less likely to go away.

Servitude – Your creatures deal {15%} more damage for each different minion they have.

Undying Loyalty – Your creatures’ minions persist beyond their master’s death.


Please note that nothing mentioned in this blog post is finalized. I reserve the right to change or remove anything mentioned in this post at any time. If you’re reading this post after the game has already launched, your best bet is to forget everything you just read because very few of the things I write about will remain untouched in the final product.

7 thoughts to “Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Necromancer Specialization”

  1. Yeah, sounds crazy OP at this point.

    Also, all of your creatures immediately starting battle with the same 9 summons, in my opinion, really hurts “flavor” builds. In a weird way, the specialization feels like it “plays” the game too much for you, it gives you *things* for free then gives you massive bonuses for having *things*. It just feels like it has less player agency because the class essentially plays itself. Like, it doesn’t really matter what you slot in, the entirety of the class will work regardless.

    I think it would be more interesting with passives that, for example, make summon spells and effects summon twice as many things. At least that way it would leave more room for agency regards what you actually summon, rather than just summoning 5-6 different things by merely existing.

    Maybe I’m wrong. I’m probably wrong. It’s most likely that I am wrong because I obviously haven’t actually played the still in development game. Just my take away from this post.

  2. I love the Necromancer class and the mechanics behind it. It’s been great playing the game with it. It becomes very OP when you mix in all the different minions and big stat buffs.

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