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This post is going to be a bit different than all the others. Instead of revealing a new game feature, I want to describe an idea I have and see what you all think about it. If enough people are on board with it, I’ll implement it. Otherwise, if people come up with insurmountable reasons about why this is a bad idea, I’ll gladly revise it.

This post is much shorter than usual, so I’ll make it up to you by first showing off a few of the new creature sprites… and a new creature.




Creature Diversity in Realms

Here’s the idea:

  • Each different type of realm (Azure Dream, The Swamplands, etc.) can spawn enemies that come from a pool of 10 different creature races.
    • For example, you might only be able to find Angels in Azure Dream, while you can only find Aspects in The Swamplands.
    • There would be some overlap, and certain races might appear in multiple realms. On average, each race would appear in two different realms.
  • Players can view a list of races that can spawn in each realm at the Teleportation Shrine. That way, if you decide that you want to fight (and later, summon) a Ravenous Ghoul, you could easily see that they’re found in Path of the Damned.
  • As you increase your Realm Instability, creatures will start to appear from other realms, even if they don’t belong in that realm by default. For example, you might see an Angel in the Refuge of the Magi thanks to Realm Instability. The higher your Realm Instability, the more creatures will appear from other realms.
    • Realm Instability also increases the chance for enemies to spawn with creatures that belong to the same race. Creatures are designed to be straightforwardly synergistic with creatures from their own race, so this would naturally increase the difficulty of battles as your instability increases – which is the whole point of instability to begin with.

Why make this change?

The number of creatures in this game is insane – we’re launching with over 1000, and I’ll be adding even more post-launch. I think that’s too many creatures to randomly throw at the player without organizing them in some way. This change would allow players to decide which creatures they want to fight, so it would be easier to summon the creatures you want, increase your knowledge with them, etc.

This change will also make realms feel more diverse when it matters. In the early part of the game, it’s nice to see that each realm offers different creatures for you to collect, and will make each battle feel fresh. Later in the game, when you increase your realm instability, battles will continue to feel fresh in a different sort of way.

So, what are your thoughts?


Please note that nothing mentioned in this blog post is finalized. I reserve the right to change or remove anything mentioned in this post at any time. If you’re reading this post after the game has already launched, your best bet is to forget everything you just read because very few of the things I write about will remain untouched in the final product.

28 thoughts to “Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Creature Diversity in Realms”

  1. My only concern is that it will make some realms feel bad to visit (eg whichever one the sin that cuts your stats spawn in) until instability mixes it up.

    1. I’m in favor because when it comes time to hunker down and grind, I would rather have some options that are more manageable to farm. Also I like the flavor of the idea, as it makes the game more immersive

  2. I like it! I think you’re right in thinking that with so many creatures (1000+) it’s important for players to have an idea of where to find each one. Although, then again, I never had that issue in Siralim 3 because I would just breed them.

    It’s definitely different, but I see no major problem with it. I do think that regularly having to battle synergistic team (because, as you said, creatures synergise with their own race) will be hard and possibly annoying.

    All in all, I’m for it!

  3. I really like this idea. In Siralim 3, the fact that monsters always spawned randomly sort of made all of the realms feel the same when it came to combat. This would be a cool way to make them feel unique and add some extra hype when you randomly (but rarely) encounter a monster whose realm you haven’t visited yet.

    Ian has a good point though- maybe for races like the sins that are especially rough, make them less likely to spawn together? I’d hate to be hit with 6 debuffs to start a fight. Or maybe have that race in particular be obtainable though means other than random encounters? Just some thoughts.

    One last thing- it would be super helpful to see which regions monsters spawn in from the beastiary as well so you don’t have to end up looking through all the realms in the shrine only to find the monster you want isn’t part of a realm encounter. I’m not sure how feasible this one is at this stage of development, but it would be an awesome QOL addition.


    1. Also, the sprites all look awesome! Especially the occultist. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for including us in the development process.

  4. That’s one thing I’ve missed in the previous titles. It was always very difficult to collect creatures of a certain race when you wanted to put together a team from that one race.

    It would also differentiate the different realms more, which I would very much welcome. Each realm would then be much more special.

    But I don’t think the thing that the creatures will later reappear in all realms is that great. The creatures should stay specific to a realm.

    In short: I like it 😀

  5. Great idea! It will definitely make each realm feel more unique. Love the thought and effort you guys are putting into this game.

  6. I actually was having this thought the other day. I thought it would be a great idea if each family could be tied to specific realms so that you can have better access to hunting specific monsters. Although RNG is nice for replayability, having some sources of deterministic contest is always welcome for those who wish to put in a little extra effort.

    Thanks for the updates!

  7. I like this idea! I always thought “oh what if I need a certain type of creature at a certain time” and tended to hoard cores I thought I’d need for Tavern Brawls and the like in Siralim 3. That was more of a band-aid fix to the problem of not being able to find a specific species of creature in the realms.

    Good ideas here! Also that Clutcher sprite is really awesome (the others are too, but i particularly like that one)!

  8. Seems reasonable. I would also look out for extremely crazy creature combos and restrict spawning of them together in one group while they can spawn separately.

  9. Good idea. This makes it so that we would have to change our squad quite often to keep it relevant/viable against enemies in different realms at the start.

    But make sure you make it varied enough so that we can’t just cheese through Realm x by making sure we bring two of Monster type z which has attacks strong against Aspects in that realm or something.

  10. Generally a pretty good idea. Being able to focus specific races would be useful when you’re trying to put together a specific party. Predetermined spawns also helps give each area more flavor.

    I would add, however, that it takes away from replayability a little. The fact that enemies were added to the pool randomly in S3 made every new game feel interesting. You wouldn’t know what was going to be your sticking point until you found out which enemy types were going to spawn. It also diversified how you built your party and when you hit power spikes. This change would more or less normalize each playthrough.

  11. I like it. Hunting for a specific race in the early game is frustrating when you’re wanting to put together parties and do breeding. It was also unnatural to find certain races in certain realms, making it more frustrating when one goes to specific realms to search only to find lots of unthematic monsters.

  12. I love the idea in principle, the main concern I have is with creatures/types that hard counter someone’s party. If you have a relatively new person who is just getting a party working and they have to get through part of the campaign with multiple levels in a row with regular groups that hard counter them it will feel like they hit a difficulty wall.
    This might be alleviated by having a ban system. Maybe start with one slot to ban a particular creature, and open it up to 4-5 as the game progresses. That way you can avoid wild encounters with a limited number of hard counter creatures. In the early game the ability to just get rid of that one particular monster that ruins your day could make the game more newbie friendly in a way that feels under their control.

    1. I feel like newbies wouldn’t usually have a team that can be completely stopped by a single monster? More advanced teams that rely on a certain rebuff or something can usually even take care of one enemy that’s “immune” (though they won’t be in Ult) with other methods, can’t they?
      There won’t be full teams of synergistic counters until much later, so I wouldn’t expect this to be a problem.

  13. Other than early balance issues with fighting synergistic teams, I feel that it might actually make it a little too easy to make one as well. If the game throws synergistic creature races at you that quickly/early on, it might make the game too easy.

    For example, having 6 Hunters early on would probably trivialize a majority of the game, and might de-incentivize trying out new teams due to having to grind them back to level. A sort of balance would have to be in place to prevent this.

    Other than that, it’s great flavour/immersion, and late game hunting will be more convenient. I’m just concerned it might make assembling a strong team too easy too early on.

    1. Part of the draw of the game is the hunt to assemble the team you’re looking for. Making this easier might take away from the game rather than add to it.

    2. I think this definitely would make race-based team comps more powerful early, but I’d counter that right now most of them are completely unviable until late game, which doesn’t seem right either. There’s absolutely no reason to put a single griffin, familiar, or ancient grimoire on most teams until you’ve done a ton of breeding (or without the breeding system, completed a lot of realms), so those races end up being useless until late game.

      It’s already easy to collect 6 hunters early, but not 6 different types.

      What if the max # of members of a each race that appear in realms was something like (1/6 * max explored realm count) + 1? That way you’d only find maybe 2 members of a race early on, but after exploring a few realms they’d start to have more variety.

  14. I like that this promotes against the previous necessity of a “one size fits all” team structure. It should allow for more experimenting with different team configurations to target specific realms, while at the same time making it a bit easier to find creatures in the wild with such a large roster.

    I’m sure at some point we’ll all be hundreds of hours in with max instability still trying to min/max team efficiency, but this should make the early game more engaging, especially for new players.

  15. Also stating ‘good idea.’

    In Siralim 3, I was happy with my main Sphinx/Ophan life team, but when it came to making new teams, I wasn’t sure how to go about finding what I wanted to try.

    Going to The Swamplands to farm up Aspects would be an intuitive goal for my playthrough.

  16. Yeah, I think it sounds awesome and think it would really give the realms more individuality. Someone mentioned it making single-race teams easier early on, and at first I was thinking something like how you had to breed or obtain something before being able to extract it’s core wouldn’t allow for that, then I remembered this won’t have breeding, so I’m wondering if there’ll be something similar?

    I also like someone’s idea to make it only spawn a couple different members of a race until you progress further into realms or something, that would be pretty cool.

  17. I approve. I like that it provides players with a reason to adjust their team composition based on what realm they are going to (like taking a full life team to path of the damned). Otherwise the whole game is just use the same six monsters over and over.

  18. I love this idea. I am playing Siralim 3 right now, and it took me like 2 hours to finally encounter a Angel Soulslayer that I’ve been trying to get its core. Very annoying. I think this organization would not only make farming for certain creatures manageable… but I think that it adds to that “living, breathing world” thing you were going for. Please add this.

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