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Recently, I asked on Twitter and Facebook which specialization I should reveal first: the Animator, the Trickster, or the Sorcerer. The Animator and Trickster were clearly the most popular choices among the three options, but the Animator managed to win by a narrow margin in the end. And honestly, this might be one of my favorite specializations in the game, so I’m really excited to share this one with you.

Before I get started, I’d like to explain a few things about how specializations work in Siralim Ultimate.

Specializations versus Classes

In previous Siralim games, players chose from one of five classes for their character: Chaos, Death, Life, Nature, or Sorcery. Each class had several unique perks that changed the way your creatures behaved in battle. It’s a totally fine system, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. So, rather than making any massive adjustments to how this class system works in Siralim Ultimate, I simply decided to add more options for you to choose from. Now, character classes are called “specializations”.

There’s a whopping fifteen specializations for you to choose from at the start of the game. Each one comes with its own starting creature. Some specializations are a bit more difficult to understand than others, so I’ve assigned a difficulty to each one so that new players can choose beginner-friendly specializations, while veterans of the series can experiment with more challenging specializations if they want. To be clear, however, the “beginner-friendly” specializations are no less powerful than those that are tuned for expert players.

Each specialization comes with a unique wardrobe costume and title. And, if our Kickstarter performs well enough, I’d love to add a few specialization-specific side quests to flesh out each one. And if the Kickstarter does really, really well, I have a few additional specializations in mind that I’d like to add on top of the promised 15.

Even after you’ve chosen your specialization, you can switch to a different one later on. You’ll unlock additional specializations by reaching a certain favor rank with each of the 15 original gods. Changing your specialization is as simple as visiting your castle and talking to an NPC after you’ve unlocked additional specializations. When you change specializations, the game will remember your previous specializations’ perks so that you don’t need to re-allocate your points every single time you want to switch things up.

Unlike in the previous Siralim games, your character no longer has a level. The only thing your character level did in Siralim 3 was grant you perk points, which seems like a bit of a waste. Instead, you’ll now gain a perk point each time you complete a Realm Quest at your highest-ever realm depth.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about how specializations work from a game mechanics perspective. Now, let’s take a look at the Animator specialization!

The Animator



Animators have access to a unique creature called an Animatus. While the Animatus takes on the appearance of a Nightmare Golem, its stats and trait are much different from the normal version of this creature.

The Animators’ perks all focus on creating the perfect version of their Animatus. Think of it like a Frankenstein type of thing. Your Animatus will grow more powerful based on your actions, and it will even steal benefits from your other creatures to ensure that it is the biggest powerhouse in your group.

If you played a Death Mage in Siralim 3, you might be familiar with this concept already (in the form of “Saia”). However, unlike the Death Mage, the Animator is 100% dedicated to its creation and offers far more customization to make your Animatus feel like you built it yourself.


Please note that the numerical values shown for each of these perks is not final yet. Any values shown in {brackets} increase as you level up the perk, but for the sake of clarity, I’ve provided you with their maximum values already.

Animatus – A unique Nightmare Golem joins your party. This creature can be upgraded and modified via other perks. In addition, Undertaker Glokta will join your kingdom and provide services for you to enhance your Animatus.

Endowment – At the start of battle, your Animatus fuses with a copy of the second creature in your party.

  • Note: this means that you can’t fuse your Animatus as you can with other creatures. This perk is interesting because it allows you to quickly change what creature your Animatus is fused with, so you don’t need to commit to a particular fusion long-term.

Molecular Betrayal – At the start of battle, your Animatus steals {50%} of your third creature’s Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed.

Cogmind – At the start of battle, your Animatus steals your fourth creature’s non-Ethereal Spell Gems.

  • Note: You’re probably wondering what an “Ethereal” gem is. Those are simply what we’re calling “Temporary” Spell Gems from the previous games.

Damnation’s Edge – At the start of battle, your Animatus steals your fifth creature’s innate trait.

  • Note: notice the word “steal”. This means that your fifth creature’s innate trait will be replaced by a “dud trait” that doesn’t do anything for the rest of the battle.

Forged By Pain – Your Animatus shares the damage it takes with your sixth creature.

Dancing Blade – Your Animatus’ Artifact takes on a life of its own, giving your Animatus a {25%} chance to attack a random enemy at the end of each creature’s turn.

Dark Anima – Your Animatus’ Spell Gems take on a life of their own, giving your Animatus a {25%} chance to cast one of its spells at the end of each creature’s turn.

Anguish Through Awareness – Your Animatus starts battles with {3} random buffs.

Desensitization – Your Animatus has a {60%} chance to ignore debuffs.

Thrive On Death – After your creatures are killed, your Animatus gains {50%} of their Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed.

Death and Decay – After an enemy is killed, your Animatus casts Corpse Explosion.

  • Note: Corpse Explosion is a spell that deals damage based on the number of dead enemies.

Gray Matter – Your Animatus gains {5} Spell Gem slots.

Forbidden Magic – Undertaker Glokta now sells items that allow you to boost your Animatus’ base stats.

  • Note: these work like Tomes from previous Siralim games. However, you can only give a creature a total of 15 of these items, so you’ll need to choose the stats wisely.

Masterpiece – Undertaker Glokta now allows you to change your Animatus’ race.


Animatus Customization

Your Animatus can be customized in several different ways. Undertaker Glokta is an Animator-exclusive NPC that you’ll find in your castle. He sells all kinds of different items for your Animatus, and provides a number of interesting services as well. One such service is the ability to change your Animatus’ skin. Here are a few skins that Nieve has come up with:


Aside from that, Glokta sells items that allow you to boost your Animatus’ base stats. There’s a limited number of these items you can feed to your Animatus, but you can reset them at any time and feed them new ones if you’re unhappy with your original choice.

Lastly, for the sake of opening up more opportunities for you to build your party around the Animatus, Glokta also allows you to change its race.

Please note that nothing mentioned in this blog post is finalized. I reserve the right to change or remove anything mentioned in this post at any time. If you’re reading this post after the game has already launched, your best bet is to forget everything you just read because very few of the things I write about will remain untouched in the final product.

16 thoughts to “Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Animator Specialization”

  1. The new specialization system seems so much more interesting than it was in Siralim 3.

    Request: Do a Chaos specialization soon 🙂

  2. If the game does not do “really really well” on Kickstarter, I will be upfront and say that I am okay with a paid specialization DLC.

  3. I simply love this, really interesting and fun with alot of customization. If all the specialization is like this one it is gonna be freaking awesome!

  4. I can’t wait for the game to become a great Animator. It sounds so much fun to build a Team to assist your champion.

    Is there a date for the kickstarter to start?

  5. I am somewhat concerned by the “omplete a Realm Quest at your highest-ever realm depth.” requirement. To me that would lead to a couple of game pace changes that I would find very undesirable.

    The first is that it discourages people from pushing to the deepest depth their party might be able to function at because it would stop them being able to grind points if they complete the realm but die there regularly.

    The second is that it would encourage early game grinding while the realms are easier, which would slow down secondary play-throughs without a real benefit to enjoyment.

    The third is that it means that once you start pushing with a party any significant change to the party, or trying an entirely new party, would mean setting aside any chance of progression until that new party set up is at least as strong as your old party was.

    In a game where the class/specialization level is one of the few long term and party independent methods of progression, this seems like it could be a step back as it now binds any progress to your best party.

    That said, the animator class sounds wicked fun and has me really hyped for the next game to come out 😀

    1. I should have made the third point the first one because, the more I think about it, that is the most important one. As someone who likes making new parties fairly often, ESPECIALLY when one party starts feeling to easy, that could be a real problem for me. I can already tell that that mechanic will make me feel much more locked into whatever party I have started pushing with.

      1. From my understanding, once you complete a realm quest you open a higher realm so I don’t think you can keep grinding perk points on the same realm. That would encourage grinding the same realm over and over which is VERY boring. I’m sure Zack is smarter than that.

        I don’t really see a problem here. Even if you can’t push through a new realm with your new teams, you can still grind for everything else except perk points, until your new team is strong enough. It doesn’t take that long.

        1. The main issue I could see with it would go along with changing specializations. It says that the game will remember the perks you’ve unlocked in your previous one(s?), but not about if you will have the same number of points back to spend on the new one.
          Personally it wouldn’t really make sense to me to have those points back to spend again, but at the same time, I feel like it would start to be quite troublesome to have to complete new highest depths with a specialization without any perks and/or have to use your main specialization to be able to earn more extra points to use on the other specialization.

          I’m just really curious about that, but however it ends up working I’m sure will be fine.

  6. In Siralim 2, the Terror Hound unit had a very similar play-style to the animator spec that you have laid out here. While one consumed all the other units to create a boss monster, this one weakens the others to have a boss monster. Being easily my favorite monster, it made me incredibly sad that you removed and changed the Terror Hound’s signature ability in Siralim 3. So my question is thus, will we possibly see a return of Thylacine and it’s boss-like glory in Siralim Ultimate? Or will the animator spec be the spiritual successor to the Siralim 2 era Terror Hound?

    1. There won’t be anything exactly like that in Ultimate. It was a total nightmare to code that trait and it caused a lot of bugs. The Animator is as close to that interaction as you’ll get, I think.

  7. I feel like the “forged by pain” trait could be worded better? When it says “shares” it almost sounds like both units take the full amount of damage, but I assume it’s more that each takes 50% of the incoming damage, which I would think the word “splits” might be more clear?

    Eh, maybe not, I’m not sure either wording is inherently easier to understand, since either could probably be interpreted both ways.

  8. I’m really looking forward to this!

    Will there be a breeder specialization, for more rapid combinations and trait selection of creatures? I think that would be really fun

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