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Welcome back! First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to last week’s post. I don’t think a single person disliked the idea so, needless to say, I’ll be moving forward with it. A few people raised concerns that there would be too many creatures available at the start of the game, but I want to clarify that just because a certain realm spawns Angels (for example), that doesn’t mean all Angel creatures will be part of the pool at first. You might only encounter Firewound Angels toward the start of the game, and after you’ve hit a certain realm depth, you might start to see Icewound Angels in that realm as well.

Anyway, this post is all about my plans for making Siralim Ultimate feel like a more dynamic experience. I want the game to be ever-changing – each time you decide to play the game, there should be something new for you to look forward to. For that reason, Siralim Ultimate will have an insane amount of time-based events.

The Calendar

As you’ll see later in this post, Siralim Ultimate offers a massive amount of in-game events. For that reason, you’ll have access to an in-game calendar that will allow you to see when each event will occur.

Major Holidays

There will be four major holidays in Siralim Ultimate; one for each season. These holidays will each last for an entire month. Siralim 3 already offers holidays similar to these, but I plan to expand on them in Siralim Ultimate.

One of my favorite holidays in Siralim Ultimate will be All Hallows’ Eve, a holiday themed around Halloween. Players will be able to go trick-or-treating at each god’s altar. Sometimes, the god will give you a treat (in the form of in-game items), but sometimes they’ll trick you and spawn a pack of Halloween-themed enemies for you to fight. Each god will also dress up in a Halloween costume – and you can earn these costumes as skins for your Avatars. All Hallows’ Eve will offer plenty of other surprises as well, but I don’t want to spoil them just yet.

Major Holidays will be a great way to earn exclusive creatures and cosmetic items, such as costumes, titles, decorations for your castle, and much more.

Celestial Event

For one week each month, a Celestial Event will occur. The way the event works will be different depending on the month. Each month, you can earn a different Celestial creature – there are 12 in total. You’ll also be able to obtain a new type of currency during this event, and you can spend that currency on new decorations and other cosmetics.

Micro Events

There will be dozens of “micro events” that occur on certain days of the year. Siralim 3 already has a lot of these. In some cases, you’ll simply need to load up the game and you’ll be awarded a title or costume. Some other events will last for a few days – for example, on a certain weekend, you might be able to earn double Glory (the new currency used for Arenas). I’ll use these events to keep the game feeling interesting even when there’s not a major holiday or Celestial Event running.


At random times throughout the day, you’ll be alerted that a random realm type has been invaded by a race of creatures. These creatures have a higher chance to drop their cards, so if you’re looking to complete your card collection, keep an eye out for invasions.

New Creatures

After Siralim Ultimate fully launches on Steam (that is, after it leaves Early Access), I will release a new creature every Friday for an entire year. You don’t need to play the game at a certain time to earn these creatures – they’ll simply be added to the game each week and you’ll be able to encounter them in the wild as normal.

Kickstarter Stretch Goal: World Bosses

One of the stretch goals for the upcoming Siralim Ultimate Kickstarter will be to add World Bosses to the game. At random times throughout the week, a World Boss will spawn in a certain realm type. Players will be able to travel to this realm and seek out a portal that leads to a fight against this World Boss. If you manage to defeat the boss, its influence over the realm will weaken.

You won’t be able to thwart a World Boss on your own, however. World Bosses are a global activity that players around the world will participate in at the same time. When a player defeats a World Boss, that boss’ influence will weaken for all players, so in a way, conquering these encounters is meant to be a team effort. After the World Boss leaves the realm, all players who participated in this event will be rewarded. In addition, the players who contributed the most toward this effort will have their in-game names broadcasted to all other players so everyone can see who the real heroes of the day are.

World Bosses aren’t like normal creatures. I’m not going to take a Silver Imler, give it 100000% more health and damage, and call it a day. There will be a different World Boss for each realm, and they will all have unique appearances (hint: they might be larger than normal creatures as well) and battle mechanics that make them feel truly unique. Rewards include exclusive spell recipes, legendary crafting materials, cosmetics, and more. I’d like to have a few World Bosses that are related to the four Major Holidays as well.

For those who dislike time-based activities…

I understand that some players hate the idea of feeling obligated to play the game at certain times of the year in order to obtain exclusive rewards – especially creatures. I have a few solutions to this in mind, but I haven’t decided on anything specific quite yet. I just want you to know that this is something I am fully aware of, and plan to address.

Please note that nothing mentioned in this blog post is finalized. I reserve the right to change or remove anything mentioned in this post at any time. If you’re reading this post after the game has already launched, your best bet is to forget everything you just read because very few of the things I write about will remain untouched in the final product.

18 thoughts to “Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: A Living, Breathing World”

  1. Everything on here sounds amazing. What if you made a time machine, maybe in the end game, where you can travel to a specific season if you missed something? Could be a cool quest type thing added to rebuild the time machine. Or it could be a completely different mechanic but please add something with time travel! 🙂

    1. time travel may be a bit confusing – dc, marvel universe etc di not do it right so why nor parallel universe travel instead ? the result for changing the date is the same just without the confusing paradoxes etc

  2. Petition to rebrand the game as Siralim: New Horizons?

    I’m totally for all these time-based ideas. World Bosses sounds like a tricky project to balance but I have high hopes!

  3. If I hadn’t played so much of the previous games, I might be hesitant reading about such elaborate plans to add so many limited, time-based events and rewards. From MOST games, that feels like a cheap way to keep me interested and playing what is otherwise a bland and empty experience. But, knowing that Siralim is anything but bland and empty, and having loved the seasonal events in Siralim 3, more detailed instances of those sounds like a true delight!

  4. I love all the features and events! The only thing I that concerns me is all the events I would probably miss out on, on the days I am not able to play the game.

  5. It’d be interesting if these world bosses were summonable after 20 or so fights against them.
    They’d fill up every creature slot the player has of course, so you’d sacrifice the utility of a full team in exchange for one hyper durable and hyper strong unit.

  6. Thoughts:
    I love how this game is the baby you’ve been working towards the whole time. It’s like the culmination of all your efforts, thoughts and experience. This sounds absolutely massive and amazing! I’m looking forward to SU so much I’m vibrating a little.

    A perpetually changing world is definitely a great idea- but as you said, being forced to play at certain times will most certainly be a problem. Hopefully your solution will satisfy both sides of the equation.

    Hopefully the World Bosses would be not be summonable themselves. It takes away from the epicness… unless an egg drops from it and a baby version is available after some sort of really hard quest to hatch the egg. (I’m a sucker for these)

    Concern 1: Would the World Bosses be beatable if the player-base drops?

    Concern 2: Would Internet connection be required to access everything? That might be a little annoying- not everyone has internet all the time. Preloaded calendar during offline-play that proceeds with each realm, or is date scumming a problem?

    Please keep in mind it’s just a very minor concern. It’s not a big deal; online-required games are the norm these days. My wallet is already ready for May.

    1. The way it sounds to me (though it may partially be wishful thinking) is that it won’t exactly be perpetually changing, but it will be an annually repeating calendar maybe?
      I just hope there’s no “one-time” events or completely different pools of rewards each time the event comes around, those are annoying, since you if you miss one, you can’t get the items from that event… If it repeats and have either the same reward pools or cumulative pools (that add more items each time it comes around) I’d be super happy, since it wouldn’t have so much pressure to get everything done or else miss your chance for good.
      I think I’m repeating myself now, but regardless, I’m quite confident Zack and the team will make em work well.

      1. Well, I sort of meant perpetually in a poetical sense, but I’m of the opinion that a yearly cycle is quite frankly more than enough to start with. I also do think that more events will be added as time goes on, similar to the way MMORPGs do things. (Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.)

        I’m assuming the limited-time rewards can also be claimed by jumping through a few hoops, as Zack did mention a solution to those who dislike such mechanics.

  7. Nice! Though I think a creature per week is too much to promise – you will need adress their balancing but keep their design fresh, so they do not look like just a reskin.

  8. I love this post!
    Really great thoughts and ideas.

    Another thought for me to make the game seem more alive and dynamic could be some sort of “event portal” that could be activated when an event is active that would transport you to a mini campain / episode.
    Take hallows eve as an example:
    You get transported to a realm that is unique for this event that has it own quest and boss, maybe creatures.

    The reward for finishing the episode could be a creature, costume or something similair.

    I love the never ending realms but sometimes going back to questing with a goal is really fullfilling.

  9. Zack, you’re adding so much stuff, but remember when from S2 to S3 (I think it was, or from S1 to S2?) you cut down on superfluous stuff that didn’t add to the experience but resulted in nothing but more grinding/complexity? I’m worried this huge pile of mechanics onto mechanics and 500 things to grind is a repeat of that and will leave casual players overwhelmed.

    The biggest weakness of Siralim (and Pokemon) has always been 95% of creatures having traits that are too weak, don’t synergize or don’t scale well – if you had a way to track time used for any creature by players, I’d wager you see some depressing statistics considering the work you guys put into each creatures sprites etc.

    Adding hundreds of creatures is a waste of time if 95% of them are useless/won’t be used again, so I’d wish you could make this a huge focus – if the game had 200 creatures of which 100-150 were useful that’s much better than 1000 creatures with less than 100 being worthwhile.

    Don’t take this as hating but rather criticism born out of love for the franchise – I’m probably in the minority but I loved S1 the most and due to the changes in level scaling and broken mechanics introduced, feel like the quality of combat has gone downhill while everything surrounding that improved, but the combat should be the focus of the game and not something you want to skip as quickly as possible because it has zero depth/is annoying.

    1. Though I get where you are coming from I disagree. One thing I like about Siralim games is the variety of creatures and traits. Not every creature and trait has to be equally “useful”. Not every feature has to be so “meaningful”. I personally like to find ways of using less powerful traits, spells and equipment in interesting combinations to create new ways to win battles. Thats part of the fun.

  10. I think modding support is the best thing to keep a game living forever. It’s insane how mods can keep a game updated and different. I really love mods and I would live that in Siralim so people could share their new monsters, new gods, new jobs, new skins, new campaigns… and i like the calendar idea.

    Anyway, if I had to choose, I’d prefer modding support, I am one of those people who want all content and hate feeling obligated to play something like mobile games do, BUT I also love events haha, i am 50/50 :p

    If you do a single currency for all events it would be cool, so we can play a lot when we want, save that currency and spend in future, maybe we dont wanna play for few months but we want to buy the exclusive content, so a single currency for all events would help us.

  11. I would agree with modding support in general, but really, some games that were supposed to thrive with Modding support (looking at you, Tales of Maj’Eyal, Rabi-Ribi) ended up being mods for user convenience rather than added content. Which is still good, of course, but mod support might not be worth the effort to implement it long-term.

    Plus it messes with balance and any online activity such as Brawls and World Bosses, meaning it’s actually not exactly viable to implement.

    1. Not sure what you mean. You can choose the option in launcher like some games do. A modded game or standard game, the online stuff should be in standard.

      And i dont know, a lot of old games has a wonderful community still active. That is really amazing, make your game alive for years or decades, all possible with mods. Not sure what people could do, but they are very creative. The hard part is to keep the original game safe (since there is online content) and keep hackers away, but as i said, some games give you option to launch different versions.

      Anyway, I cant see how it could be bad if devs manage to do Modded Siralim and Standard Siralim, different things. At least to PC it works, i’d like to see modding support planned to the game or at least a goal for kickstarter.

      Hugs 🙂

      1. That’s fair. It’s just that mod support is a deceptively difficult thing to implement, especially if the game engine isn’t built for it. I’m just not sure it’s worth the effort for Zack, because there might be no real payoff in the long run whatsoever.

        Hug Return :>

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