Siralim 3: Sorcery Mage Perks

Welcome back! Last week, we revealed and discussed perks for the Death class. Today, we’ll reveal the Sorcery perks. I wanted the Sorcery class to focus primarily on casting spells in battle. In Siralim 2, every class relied on spells quite a lot, but I think Sorcery will make much better use of them in Siralim 3.

Before I begin, I want to address one small change made to the perks system since the Death perks were revealed. Previously, I said that each class would have a perk that increases one particular stat. For example, Death Mages would have a perk that increases Defense, while Sorcery Mages have a perk that increases Intelligence. I’ve changed my mind about this, and now every class has access to boosts for all five stats in the game. I’ll leave these perks out of the list in future reveals, so keep that in mind.

With that out of the way, below is a list of perks that Sorcery Mages can choose from. In italics, I’ve added my own commentary as needed. Numbers surrounded in {brackets} increase as you invest additional points into its respective perk.

1) Essence – You gain {1}% more essence from battles.

2) Mana – Your creatures have {1} more Maximum Mana.

This perk ensures that your creatures have plenty of Mana to cast even the biggest, most expensive spells in the game. Increased Mana also works well with a lot of traits, and benefits from percentage-based mana regeneration effects.

3) Spell Slots – Your creatures can equip {1} additional Spell Gem.

While there are many ways to increase the number of Spell Gems your creatures can equip, Sorcery Mages will always have the ability to equip more spells than any other class thanks to this perk.

4) Spell Damage – Your creatures deal {1}% more damage with spells.

5) Spell Mastery (Chaos) – Your creatures can equip Chaos Spell Gems, regardless of their class.

6) Spell Mastery (Death) – Your creatures can equip Death Spell Gems, regardless of their class.

7) Spell Mastery (Life) – Your creatures can equip Life Spell Gems, regardless of their class.

8) Spell Mastery (Nature) – Your creatures can equip Nature Spell Gems, regardless of their class.

9) Spell Mastery (Sorcery) – Your creatures can equip Sorcery Spell Gems, regardless of their class.

Thanks to the Spell Mastery perks, your creatures can equip any spell in the game, regardless of their class. In addition, since Spell Gems can now have properties that change their class, these perks allow you to ignore those properties, freeing them up for a more useful property.

10) Echo – Your creatures’ spells have a {1}% chance to cast an additional time. This effect can repeat multiple times in a row.

11) Battlemage – When your creatures attack, {1}% of their Intelligence is added to their Attack to determine the damage dealt.

This is the only perk that that Sorcery Mages have access to that improves their attacking capabilities. This will be useful in a pinch when your creatures face a large number of enemies that can block spells, or if you run out of Mana during long battles.

12) Outspoken – Your creatures are immune to Silence.

This ultra-powerful perk ensures that a team of spellcasters won’t get shut down by a simple debuff. Of course, enemies can still block your spells using certain traits like those found in the Tremor family.

13) Meditation – When your creatures defend, they recover 100% Mana.

Your creatures already have large mana pools, but when they run out, they can simply forfeit a turn to regenerate all their mana with this perk.

14) Wild Magic – At the start of battle, your creatures are given 3 random Spell Gems. These spells cost 0 Mana.

Generally, this isn’t a perk you’ll rely on to win battles. However, it should make battles a little more dynamic and can even help you out in a pinch since they don’t cost any mana.

What do you think about the Sorcery class? Is this the class you intend to play first?

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  1. This is so awesome! I cant wait tbh. Keep up da good work! This mage class sounds like super strong. Hope you can balance out the classes 🙂

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