Siralim 3: Singular Creatures

During your journey through the innumerable realms of Siralim 3, you’ll encounter over 700 different creatures that you can add to your collection and use in battle. In many ways, collecting these creatures is the main point of the game, and it’s been that way ever since the first Siralim game. In Siralim 3, however, when you encounter any of these creatures, they have a very small chance to be a “Singular” creature.

A Singular creature is the same as a normal creature, except it has a unique color scheme. Outside of that, Singular creatures have no benefits over normal creatures and are merely intended to give players something to hunt for even after they’ve completely filled out their bestiaries.

Here are a few examples of Singular creatures compared to their normal counterparts. Singular creatures are on the right, while normal creatures are on the left. Note that these palettes also affect each creatures’ overworld sprites, but those are not shown in this post.


Acquiring Singular Creatures

Normally, when you extract a core from a Diabolic Commander, you’ll receive a “Diabolic Commander Core”. But if that Diabolic Commander is Singular, you’ll receive a “Singular Diabolic Commander Core”, allowing you to summon a Singular version of that creature at the summoning brazier. You always have a 100% chance to successfully extract a Core from a Singular creature, even if you don’t have the Knowledge necessary to extract a normal version of that creature.

Creatures that hatch from eggs also have a small chance to be a Singular creature.

Lastly, Singular creatures are a great opportunity for us to host events and give them away as prizes to the winners. Since they’re so rare, players will be glad to receive one in return for participating in a contest, event, or even a holiday. For example, during Early Access, players will be given a free Singular creature just for helping us test out the game.

Breeding With Singular Creatures

When you breed two creatures together, the offspring will always be Singular if:

  1. The first parent you chose is Singular, AND
  2. The offspring is the same creature as the first parent.


Singular creatures wouldn’t exist without a few members of our community who created the palettes for us to use in conjunction with our shaders. Below is a list of people who contributed to this project, along with the number of palettes each person created. You can find an NPC in the library that attributes these credits just as they’re listed below. Since DragOhNite contributed the most palettes, he was asked to name this NPC.

A huge “thanks!” goes out to the following people:

DragOhNite – 426

Umaro – 264

bluequakeralex – 14

Gladiaterux – 10

Lumiriss – 9

DreamPrestige – 1

Zapzilla – 1

6 thoughts to “Siralim 3: Singular Creatures”

  1. It´s cool to have an shiny in Pokémon, but there you can´t use them properly. Siralim 3 is way better at this part ´cause you can breed them to make singular teammates.

    Listen, Nintendo? Thylacine got a point here!!

    P.S. I can´t wait for the Early Access. News about the release date?

  2. Will the game offer any features to safeguard against unintentionally skipping over Singular creatures? If this game is anything like the first two, particularly with a more fluid Turbo system, many battles will have the potential to be over in seconds. It’d be a great shame to only realize after the fact – “Hey, didn’t one of those creatures look odd?”

    Something like a particular noise when a battle starts against one, or a brief but conspicuous flavor-text message, would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Singular creatures have a big icon next to their battle sprite, so it’s really hard to miss. If it turns out that more warnings are needed, I’m definitely willing to look into it and make it as user-friendly as possible.

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