Siralim 3: Nether Creatures

For the most part, I’m happy with the way Nether Creatures turned out in Siralim 2. In Siralim 3, the idea behind Nether Creatures is largely the same, although the method by which you acquire the items to enhance your Nether Creatures is different.

You’ll be able to acquire your first Potion of Transforming, the item used to convert a creature into a Nether Creature, simply by completing one of the game’s story quests. This will give players the opportunity to create their first Nether Creature early on without needing to grind favor with various gods. If you want more Nether Creatures after the first, however, you’ll still need to attain a certain level of favor with a certain god in order to purchase potions from that god’s shop.

Several other gods now also sell items related to Nether Creatures, such as scrolls that change your Nether Creature’s aura. Some other items, however, can only be found as random loot drops. The goal is to give players a reliable way to create a basic Nether Creature with the help of some of the gods’ shops, while the most powerful items that will take your Nether Creatures to the next level will be found as item drops.

Remember a few posts ago, I mentioned that the Altar of Blood now allows you to use any of three different types of knives to sacrifice a creature? Previously, I only mentioned the Slaughter Knife which can be used to sacrifice a creature and obtain its legendary crafting material. Today, it’s time to reveal the two remaining knives: the Blood Knife and the Gore Knife.

Blood Knives can be used to sacrifice a creature to obtain its trait’s respective Catalyst. Catalysts are used to grant a Nether Creature a new trait. Just like in Siralim 2, a Nether Creature can only learn traits from 3 Catalysts. Of course, you can always delete one of these traits in favor of a new one using the Gift of Forgetting, a consumable item that can be purchased from one of the gods.

Gore Knives can be used to sacrifice a creature to obtain a new item called a Nether Chrysalis. Since you can’t breed your Nether Creatures to increase their Heredity and boost their level caps, you’ll need to give them Nether Chrysalises in order to increase their Heredity instead. Each Nether Chrysalis increases a Nether Creature’s Heredity by 1 (which increases its level cap by 10). You’ll obtain more Nether Chrysalises from creatures you sacrifice that have a higher Heredity, so it’s beneficial to sacrifice creatures that you’ve already bred a few times – especially since you don’t want your rare Gore Knives to go to waste.

If you haven’t figured it out already, all these changes mean that you’ll no longer craft items at the Nether Goblet. In fact, the Nether Goblet is now called the Goblet of Giving which can be used to create one resource into another… at a steep cost.

Lastly, creatures now retain their innate trait when you transform them into a Nether Creature.

Oh, and Nether Creatures can no longer turn into Avatars. We’ll talk about those next week!

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