Siralim 3: Nature Mage Perks

Welcome back! Last week, we took a look at the perks that will be available to Sorcery Mages. This week, it’s Nature’s turn. Nature focuses on two core aspects: 1) enabling your creatures to adapt to the situation at hand, and 2) rewarding players for composing their parties in interesting ways.

Below is a list of perks that Nature Mages can choose from. In italics, I’ve added my own commentary as needed. Numbers surrounded in {brackets} increase as you invest additional points into its respective perk.

1) Crystal – You gain {1}% more crystal from battles.

2) Dodge – Increases your creatures’ chance to dodge by {1}%.

3) Stat Increase – Increases the potency of your creatures’ effects that increase your creatures’ stats by {1}%.

This perk allows your creatures to snowball into absolute powerhouses thanks to an increase in the stats they gain from their traits and spells. Be warned, however, that there is now a limit to the amount of stats that a creature can gain past the amount they had at the start of battle.

4) Survival Instincts – When your creatures dodge an attack, they have a {2}% chance to counterattack for {2}% extra damage.

Dodging is a lot easier to do than it was in Siralim 2. Not only do your creatures gain much more dodge/crit benefit from the Speed stat, but there are also a lot of new traits and effects that grant your creatures independent dodge rolls, much like the Aspect family’s traits. With this perk, you can dish out some major damage while your creatures maintain safety by dodging.

5) Forest Pact – Traits and spells that are affected by the number of a certain creature race or class act as if you have {1} more of those creatures in your party.

Players who enjoy using “mass creatures” such as a team full of Diabolic Horde or Familiars will enjoy this perk. Forest Pact artificially increases the number of creatures in your party when these effects are calculated.

6) Adaptation – Your creatures can equip Morph spells from any class. At the start of battle, your creatures’ classes are changed to their corresponding Morph spell’s class. In addition, your creatures take 15% less damage and deal 15% more damage to creatures of their own class.

This perk allows your creatures to turn into any class in the game. Death Dragons? Nature Unicorns? Chaos Angels? It’s all possible thanks to Adaptation.

7) Hybridization – Your creatures have 7% more Health, Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed for each different class of creature fighting on your side.

Hybridization rewards players for creating a diverse party.

8) Lone Wolf – Your creatures deal 30% more damage, take 12% less damage, and have 30% more Health for each creature missing from your group. In addition, your creatures have a 20% chance to resist debuffs for each creature missing from your group.

Lone Wolf was a fan favorite from Siralim 2, and there’s no way it couldn’t make a return in Siralim 3. This perk rewards players for not traveling with a full party. Many players choose to use only one creature in conjunction with this perk, allowing them to focus all their breeding and enchanting efforts on a specific creature.

9) Raid – Your creatures each have a {.5}% chance to start each battle at the top of the Action Queue.

10) Purebred – Each of your creatures have 7% more Health, Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed for each creature of the creature’s same class fighting on your side.

This perk is the opposite of Hybridization (#8), and synergizes well with traits like Forest Pact.

11) Acrobatics – Your creatures deal additional damage equal to {1}% of their Speed.

5 thoughts to “Siralim 3: Nature Mage Perks”

  1. Siralim 2 was so addictive, I’m very excited for the changes in 3! Are we still looking at a March Early Access release for Steam? I would like to throw money at you as soon as possible 🙂

    1. Thanks! March is definitely not going to happen – it’s more likely April/May at this point. Everything is coming along smoothly, though!

      1. That’s too bad, it would’ve been cool traveling with one Hunter or something and still getting his bonuses, lol.

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