Siralim 3 – Major Update to Breeding

Today, Siralim 3 received a major patch that overhauls the way breeding – or, more specifically, heredity – works. This post will explain why these changes were made and should help players to quickly understand how the new system works.

Problems With the Old System

In its previous form, heredity had three major issues:

  1. It blocked players’ progress at inopportune times, forcing them to forgo their current goals and focus on breeding instead. This was especially obvious during the main story quests – many players would quickly plow through the story bosses, but hit a roadblock when their creatures reached the soft level cap.
  2. Many players felt like they weren’t gaining anything from breeding. That would be fine, except thanks to problem #1, they were forced to partake in this system.
  3. Later on, it was too easy to gain heredity, and the system became almost pointless. After a while, it was easy to gain hundreds of heredity per breeding session. The solution to that would be for me to cut down on the amount of heredity gained from breeding. Unfortunately, that’s a great way to convince players to track me down and kill me in real life.

I played around with a few ideas to remedy these problems, but in the end, it became clear that the entire system needed to be overhauled entirely.

Goals of the New System

I wanted to provide an incentive for players to breed their creatures aside from the possibility of merely unlocking new ones. Without some additional goal, the entire system feels very empty.

I also wanted to provide another, interesting way to customize your creatures at the same time. After hours of brainstorming, I finally came up with a new system that I think you’ll either like, or simply not care about at all – and that’s great either way because now, you’re no longer forced to breed at all if you don’t want to.

How the New System Works

I want to start this off by saying that the new system is a lot simpler than I’m about to make it sound. If you don’t understand it, don’t worry about it – you’ll pick it up immediately after you breed your creatures a few times.

I’m going to break it down step-by-step for easier reading:

  • Heredity as you know it is gone. No more soft level caps. The term “Heredity”, however, will continue to be used with the new system.
  • Each creature now has a “Heredity” value for each of its five stats: Health, Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed. These heredities affect the amount of each stat a creature gains when it levels up.
  • When a creature levels up, it gains 30% of its base stats. That’s how the game has always worked – nothing new here.
  • Heredities now modify that 30% value. If a creature has 2 Attack heredity, it will gain 32% Attack each time it levels up, rather than 30%.
  • Heredities can be negative, too. If a creature has -2 Defense heredity, it will gain 28% Defense each time it levels up, rather than 30%.
  • Each heredity has a maximum of 15, and a minimum of -15. In other words, a creature gain gain a maximum of 45% of a certain base stat per level, and a minimum of 15% of a certain base stat per level.
  • The total of all five of a creature’s heredities is always 0. If a creature has -5 Attack heredity, it also has positive heredities that balance it out. This means that you’ll never be able to make an overpowered creature using this system – it is merely meant to allow you to indirectly allocate stat points.

Simple enough, right? So, how do creatures pass on their Heredities to their offspring, and how do creatures gain new heredities?

  • When you breed two creatures, they pass on all their heredities to the offspring.
  • After a creature participates in enough battles, it will eventually become “Primed”.
  • When breeding, each “Primed” parent will give the offspring 1 positive and 1 negative heredity, based on that creature’s highest and lowest stats.
  • This means that if both parents are primed, the offspring will gain 2 positive and 2 negative heredities.
  • Parents always pass on their own heredities, even if they’re not primed. Priming is only necessary if you want to adjust the offspring’s heredity even more.

7 thoughts to “Siralim 3 – Major Update to Breeding”

  1. Are creatures that are freshly summoned or hatched from found eggs starting with any Herdity values, or do they start with 0’s accross the board?

    If you have something primed and you do NOT want to adjust heredity values on the offspring, is it possible to breed it without adjusting the resulting heredity?

    I like using the breeding to unlock and get more creatures, but I worry about getting to teir 4 or tier 5 creatures and having heredity mess up the leveling spread of their attributes if I am not careful about the breeding.

    1. Yes, all creatures start with 0 heredity for all five stats.

      You can prevent a creature from gaining any heredity at all by making sure the parents aren’t primed.

  2. I have a couple of questions about the new system.
    Does your monster show a primed status?
    As for allocating heredity lets say I get a +1 in attack, another stat will get a -1?
    Can you manipulate the stats that you get or is it all random? Ie I breed two high attack creatures will I be more likely to get a bonus to attack?
    Currently for nether creatures if I spec a creature however I want, such as +15 atk -15 int and change it to a nether will the bonus remain?

    1. Yes, your creatures will be tagged with “Primed” in all interfaces.


      It’s based on the highest and lowest stats of the parents, so yes, you have almost direct control over it.

      Right now, yes. That’s going to change in a future patch.

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