Siralim 3: Life Mage Perks

Welcome back! Last week, we revealed the perks for what appears to be the most popular class: Chaos. This week, we’ll look at all the Life Mage perks! Life Mages are all about survivability and sustention. They have the most powerful healing effects in the game, and have countless ways to ensure their creatures can survive even the most powerful of attacks.

Below is a list of perks that Life Mages can choose from. In italics, I’ve added my own commentary as needed. Numbers surrounded in {brackets} increase as you invest additional points into its respective perk.

  1. Power – You gain {1}% more power from battles.
  2. Healing Received – Your creatures gain {1}% more benefit from healing effects.
  3. Healing Given – Your creatures’ healing effects are {1}% more powerful.
    • This perk is particularly interesting because it enables a host of offensive options as well. For example, some traits allow your creatures to cause damage to enemies based on their healing effects, so this perk would amplify that damage significantly.
  4. Damage Reduction – Your creatures take {1}% less damage from all sources.
  5. Chastise – When your creatures heal an enemy, they instead cause damage to the enemy equal to {1}% of the amount of healing the enemy would have received.
    • See what I was talking about with the ‘Healing Given’ perk? These two perks work very well together.
  6. Overheal – Your creatures can trigger healing effects even while they’re at full Health.
    • This perk is incredibly powerful, but many people don’t understand exactly how it works. Normally, when your creatures would receive healing, that healing is ignored if the creature is already at full Health. That means that any on-heal effects and traits will be ignored as well. Thanks to Overheal, these on-heal effects will activate even if the creature is already at full Health.
  7. Luminesce – When one of your creatures are healed, and the amount healed exceeds the creature’s Maximum Health, store the extra healing in a Barrier. The maximum strength of the Barrier is equal to {1}% of the creature’s Maximum Health.
    • This perk combines quite nicely with the ‘Overheal’ and ‘Healing Given’ perks. Your creatures’ Barriers will be massive! And best of all, Siralim 3 introduces a few traits that allow you to use your Barriers offensively. Those traits will be more powerful than ever thanks to this perk.
  8. Spell Block – You have a {1}% chance to negate enemy spells when they are cast.
    • Simple yet effective, if this perk manages to stifle a massive area-of-effect spell even once per battle, you’ll most likely have the upper hand.
  9. Attack Block – You have a {1}% chance to negate enemy attacks.
    • Same idea as with ‘Spell Block’.
  10. Guardian Angel – When your creatures are about to die from damage, they have a {1}% chance to prevent that damage.
    • This is arguably one of the most powerful defensive effects in the game. It doesn’t matter if an enemy deals 5 kazillion damage to your creature with 10 Health – if Guardian Angel activates, that damage will be ignored entirely. This perk, coupled with ‘Spell Block’ or ‘Attack Block’, ensure that your creatures can avoid some serious damage. And if all these effects fail to activate, you can quickly make up for the incoming damage with your powerful Barriers and healing effects.

One thought to “Siralim 3: Life Mage Perks”

  1. I guess this class still has the best synergies, and with offensive uses for barriers, they might not be the most boring ones! No offense to Life mages, but let’s be honest, the ability to drag fights on as long as possible isn’t to exciting, lol.

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