4 thoughts to “Siralim 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch!”

  1. Congratulations, Zack! I’ve put around 10 hours or so in the game already and I love it so far! ^.^
    Playing it on a handheld just feels sooo right! ^-^
    Especially since chances are that we will never see a new Dragon Warrior Monsters in the west, it is amazing to have an alternative that scratches this itch!

    I got two questions though. The more important one is: Why can’t I use “spaces” when naming creatures or equipment? Is that a bug or intentional? Especially for weapons and armour it is kind of extremely limiting.
    The second thing is, after a few hours of gameplay I noticed that now, whenever I talk to someone or something, I need to wait for a second or two before I can pick a dialogue option. That is not exactly terrible, but if there is a way to patch that, it would definitely improve the flow of the game.
    There is no delay when opening the menu and picking an option there.
    Other than that, I must say that the port is pretty amazing and I will certainly put a lot more hours into it! 😀

    1. Hi there, glad you’re enjoying the game! Thanks for playing.

      Both of the issues you mentioned are fixed in an upcoming patch. I already submitted the patch to Nintendo, so I’m just waiting for them to approve it now.

      1. Really? That’s amazing! ^.^
        Thanks a ton for your continued hard work on this gem of a game! ^-^

      2. Egads, love those bug fixes. Thank you!

        I know the sun is setting on Siralim (for now) and I’m excited about the upcoming work The Negative from you, but I’ve been wondering about the lore in Siralim and if you have any plans for it. The monster lore in Siralim is THICC; there’s talks of unification wars that the Undolim Seraphs partook in, Tartarith and the Malignant Spirit, Dryads and their work in the forests, how Skeleton Mortarmen used to be pirates etc etc etc.

        It feels like the lore and origin stories of all these creatures could easily be a game in and of itself a la Valkyrie Profiles episodic narrative where each recruitable party member has a backstory up until they become and Einherjar. How was a particular creaeture born, how did it live prior to being recruited, what did it want for its life and so forth. I know forcing plot on players is not your thing, and you’ve kept it super light in Siralim for that reason. But are you, or have you considered centering a game around the fleshing out of the origin stories of all monsters/creatures in Siralim for the future or was the monster lore just by accident? I’d love to learn more about the Amaranths purpose or the worlds of the Plague Soothsayers. The whole universe seems full of interesting, exciting and fascinating stories man.

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