Siralim 3: God Shops, Emblems, and Achievements

Now that I’ve written about most of the major systems coming to Siralim 3, I’ll start talking about some smaller changes. For those who keep asking: I’m currently targeting late May for Steam Early Access. There’s always the chance that I’ll need to push it back into June, so this is by no means an official announcement for a release date. I just want to keep everyone updated on where we’re at in development.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about a few small changes that are coming to god shops and achievements!

In Siralim 3, you can purchase items from each of the 15 gods in exchange for Emblems. Each god offers a unique array of creatures, spell gems, runes, and other items. Unlike in Siralim 2, gods offer a diverse assortment of creatures in Siralim 3 and they aren’t all contained in the same race.

Emblems also work a little differently than in Siralim 2. There is now a specific Emblem for each of the 15 gods – for example, “Emblem of Surathli” and “Emblem of Torun”. You can only earn an emblem for a god in that god’s own realm. This is a very nice balance change, and also affects the way players approach the game – if you want one of Torun’s items, you’ll need to devote some extra time to the Cutthroat Jungle.

Achievements no longer grant Emblems. Emblems are simply found in treasure chests and other sources of loot in each realm. There are also a few other ways to earn them now, but you will consistently find them along with other items.

Instead of granting Emblems, achievements now give you something called “Achievement Points”. Achievement Points are a permanent score that shows how far you’ve progressed with your achievements. Each achievement awards a different amount of points, and obviously, more difficult achievements grant more points than easier ones. Achievement Points permanently increase your chance to find rare items from all sources. A player with 2000 achievement points will find far more items than a player with only 100 points. This should compel players to care about achievements far more than they did in Siralim 2.

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  1. Thank you so much for being transparent about early access dates (and for not doing a terrible April fools joke)!
    Keep being an awesome indie dev <3

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