Siralim 3: First day of early access was a success!

Siralim 3 has been available on Early Access for a little over 24 hours now. Since then, hundreds of people have played the game and contributed their valuable feedback to help make the game even better.

While there’s still plenty more minor bugs to squash, most of the really bad stuff is fixed now, so I’ve decided to take a little break and write this post to thank everyone for playing the game! It has been my pleasure to work with many of you toward solving problems and establishing a framework for future improvements.

However, I don’t think it’s quite enough to write “thank you” in a post and then call it a day. I want to give all of you early adopters something special. How about a Singular Creature?

Use the code “EARLYACCESS” (mind the caps, and exclude the quotes!) to receive a Singular Pitwraith Redeemer Egg. If you don’t know how to redeem a code, check out this guide.

For those who don’t know, Singular Creatures are extremely rare versions of normal creatures. They have a unique color palette that you won’t find anywhere else.

Again, thank you for playing Siralim 3. I hope you’re enjoying the game so far – but there’s plenty more to come!

3 thoughts to “Siralim 3: First day of early access was a success!”

  1. Oh, I can´t whait to get it. But I have to whait, since I can´t enter codes until now xD

    I´am very happy about the way you change the some points at the gameplay. In Siralim 2, there a textboxes everywhere and skip them gets annoying after playing a while. Now there are short messages and I can run to the next object. Thats nice and let the gameplay flow.

  2. I played a lot of Siralim 2 on ios but downloaded steam to support the devs. Really enjoying Siralim 3 and played many hours already.

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