Siralim 3: Early Access Report #3

Another month has come and gone, and with it, Siralim 3 has gained a bunch of great new features!

  • Gate of the Gods. This relic allows you to challenge the gods themselves to battle! These are some of the most difficult battles in the entire game.
  • Avatars. If you manage to defeat the gods in battle, you will gain the ability to summon their avatars to fight for you. Avatars come equipped with an extremely powerful trait, an exclusive “Ultimate” spell, and much more!
  • 15 new Talismans. These can be upgraded to make your Avatars more powerful.
  • Macros. Now, you can assign a list of commands to your creatures to make them perform actions in battles automatically. Macros open up the opportunity for players to experiment with all-new playstyles that they might not have considered before. In addition, macros should alleviate a lot of tedium from battles.
  • Rebalanced traits, spells, perks, enemy spawns, and much more. This was a massive undertaking, and we are very proud of the outcome. In addition, we added new perks to several classes.
  • Quality of life updates, including a new way to sort the summoning interface as well as an “advanced hatching” mode to make your life easier when breeding creatures.
  • Tons of new cards, titles, wardrobe costumes, and more!

So what’s next? If you’ve been paying attention to our roadmap, you’ll know that “Tavern Brawls” are the final major feature that we’ll add before the game is released. My guess is that these brawls will introduce some of the most fun, replayable content the Siralim series has ever offered. Of course, this feature is also very complex, so it will take some serious time to implement.

Aside from tavern brawls, we still have plenty of quality-of-life improvements to implement, along with Mac and Linux versions of the game.

And, of course, development won’t stop after Siralim 3 leaves Early Access. We already have several post-launch content updates planned that are sure to bring you hundreds of hours of additional entertainment.

I hope you’re enjoying Siralim 3! Thanks to everyone who has continued to submit suggestions, bug reports, or even comments of appreciation.

4 thoughts to “Siralim 3: Early Access Report #3”

  1. That was an impressive work for an single month. Impressive, I might say!

    I can´t whait for Version 1.0.0. If it is released, I start a new game to see the difference from the first time I start the game.

  2. Just curious whats the chances this goes on switch? Like I’m buying it on PC anyways and if it does go on switch will you have that port file thing 2 has or is that all uncertain?

    I don’t want to put in like 100 hours into 3 just to get switch release and have to restart everyhting, but ill probably end up doing that.

    Anyways you made a great game/series in 2 so I’m stupidly excited!!!

    1. I’m not quite sure how likely it will be to come out on Switch. I’ve pitched the game to Nintendo but haven’t had the best of results, and I sent a follow-up e-mail to them yesterday to check on the status of my pitch. Ultimately, it’s all up to Nintendo whether or not Siralim 3 comes to Switch – I’ve taken care of everything else on my end. Sorry I can’t give a more clear answer!

      Regardless, the Switch won’t have the cross-platform cloud save functionality that other platforms have. Nintendo and Sony are really strict about that kind of thing, so I can’t include it in those versions.

  3. How long after launch do think it will take for it to be ready for android?
    I don’t own a PC anymore so havent been able to test the third game yet.

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