Siralim 3: Chaos Mage Perks

Welcome back! Last week, we revealed the perks that will be available to Nature Mages in Siralim 3. This week, we’ll look at the Chaos Mage! Chaos perks focus heavily on boosting your creatures’ attack damage and making their attacks more powerful in various ways. Chaos Mages also capitalize on dealing critical damage with attacks.

Below is a list of perks that Chaos Mages can choose from. In italics, I’ve added my own commentary as needed. Numbers surrounded in {brackets} increase as you invest additional points into its respective perk.

  1. Brimstone – You gain {1}% more brimstone from battles.
  2. Critical Chance – Increases your creatures’ chance to deal critical damage with attacks by {1}%.
  3. Critical Damage – Increases your creatures’ damage dealt with critical attacks by {1}%.
  4. Attack Damage – Increases your creatures’ damage with attacks by {1}%.
  5. Magma Diver – Your creatures deal additional damage equal to {0.5}% of the target’s Current Health.
    • This perk is great for cutting through your opponents’ defenses. It is also an excellent choice to use against bosses who typically have much higher Health than normal creatures.
  6. Pandemonium Presence – Your creatures start battles with {1} random buff.
    • With this perk, your creatures can start fights with massive advantages. While some buffs are more useful at the start of fights than others, the prospect of starting with Shell, Invisible, or even Multicast/Multistrike is too good to pass up.
  7. Touch of Chaos – When your creatures attack, they have a {2}% chance to afflict the target with a random debuff for 1 turn.
    • As a Chaos Mage, you’ll probably build your party around creatures that do a lot of attacking. While they’re doing that, why not debuff your enemies at the same time? This perk could become pretty crazy with the help of effects like Multistrike (which you might gain from Pandemonium Presence!). This also means that some creatures like Plague Doctors and Masochists can really shine once the enemies have 10-15 debuffs.
  8. Mania – When your creatures cast a spell, {1}% of their Attack is added to their Intelligence to determine the damage dealt.
    • Your creatures will still need to cast spells every now and then, of course, so this perk will allow them to deal respectable damage with spells without the need for a high Intelligence score.
  9. Chaos Magic – When your creatures attack, they have a {1}% chance to cast a random spell.
    • This is just plain fun.
  10. Threat Signal – Your creatures’ Provoke command has a 100% chance to divert enemies’ attention.
    • This perk allows you to take control of battles by forcing enemies to attack whatever creatures you want. The possible synergies with this perk and your creatures’ traits are endless.
  11. Chaos Guardian – While your creatures are Defending, they have 100% more Defense.
    • This perk is a bit more niche than the others, but when combined with the right traits, it allows your creatures to become exceedingly powerful.

2 thoughts to “Siralim 3: Chaos Mage Perks”

  1. Oh man, I was sure I was gonna use a Death Mage for my first playthrough but chaos just jumped to the front of line. Touch of Chaos and Chaos Magic are going to be so much fun. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hmm… Chaos and Death perks seem like they’re a lot more powerful with each other then the others, I’m guessing they’re favorites?

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