Siralim 3 has officially launched out of Early Access on Steam!

The day has finally arrived! Siralim 3 has left Early Access and is now fully available on Steam.

To everyone who played the game in Early Access and contributed suggestions, feedback, and bug reports: thank you for everything! Without you, the game wouldn’t be half of what it is today.

If you haven’t purchased Siralim 3 yet, you can do so here:

Mobile (Android/iOS) versions of the game are on the way, along with a ridiculous amount of new content! Stay tuned for more updates.

Siralim 3 release date, mobile development, and more!

After 4 months of Early Access, we’re proud to announce that Siralim 3 will be fully released on Steam on October 15, 2018! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed feedback and submitted bug reports during Early Access.


Q. Will my save files carry over to the full release?

A. Yes. You won’t lose any progress at all.


Q. Will there be any more updates to the game before Early Access ends?

A. Yes, there will be at least one more patch to fix some minor bugs, and more importantly, to optimize the game to make it run more smoothly for players who have very large save files.


Q. What about post-launch updates? Will there be more patches? More content?

A. Of course! We have big plans for post-launch content updates. We’ll announce more details later on.


Q. Will you ever add Steam trading cards, backgrounds, emoticons, etc?

A. Yes, they’re already prepared and submitted, but Steam won’t accept them until the game is out of Early Access. You’ll be awarded the cards retroactively, so if you’ve played the game a lot, you’ll probably receive all of these rewards immediately after they’re released.


Q. When will Siralim 3 be released on iOS/Android?

A. As soon as possible. We probably won’t announce a date for these – we’ll just release them as soon as they’re ready.


Q. How much will Siralim 3 cost on mobile?

A. $4.99 USD.


Q. How about PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch? When will Siralim 3 be released on those platforms?

A. Sometime in 2019. Unfortunately, that’s as accurate of an answer as we have for now – sorry! As for Switch: unfortunately, the game was rejected by Nintendo, and while we’re going to keep trying to get on Switch, we can no longer promise that it will ever happen. We’re also open to working with a publisher for Nintendo Switch, so rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to release it on this platform.

Siralim 3: Early Access Report #4

It’s been yet another busy month for Siralim 3! Finally, with the addition of Tavern Brawls, we’ve finished adding the last of our planned, major content for the game before it launches out of Early Access.

Here’s what we added to Siralim 3 in the last month:

  • Tavern Brawls! This feature allows you to fight against other players’ creatures. If you win, you’ll earn Tavern Tickets which can be exchanged for exclusive prizes. You can even fight against your friends!
  • Spell Gem Reforging. You can now use the Arcane Vault to re-roll the values of your Spell Gems’ properties.
  • Tons of new creatures, cards, materials, spells, runes, titles, costumes, and other items.
  • Plenty of quality of life features, including the ability to see what a creature’s buffs and debuffs do in battle via the inspection option.
  • Other balance adjustments and bug fixes.

We’re not quite done yet, though. There are still some minor things we need to do before Siralim 3 leaves Early Access (including Mac/Linux ports), and our main focus will be on quality of life improvements and minor balance adjustments from here on out. I’ll announce a formal launch date as soon as I can.

Of course, anyone who has played the previous Siralim games can tell you that this won’t be the end of our content updates. We have huge plans in store for Siralim 3 post-launch. More details will be announced later on!

Siralim 3: Early Access Report #3

Another month has come and gone, and with it, Siralim 3 has gained a bunch of great new features!

  • Gate of the Gods. This relic allows you to challenge the gods themselves to battle! These are some of the most difficult battles in the entire game.
  • Avatars. If you manage to defeat the gods in battle, you will gain the ability to summon their avatars to fight for you. Avatars come equipped with an extremely powerful trait, an exclusive “Ultimate” spell, and much more!
  • 15 new Talismans. These can be upgraded to make your Avatars more powerful.
  • Macros. Now, you can assign a list of commands to your creatures to make them perform actions in battles automatically. Macros open up the opportunity for players to experiment with all-new playstyles that they might not have considered before. In addition, macros should alleviate a lot of tedium from battles.
  • Rebalanced traits, spells, perks, enemy spawns, and much more. This was a massive undertaking, and we are very proud of the outcome. In addition, we added new perks to several classes.
  • Quality of life updates, including a new way to sort the summoning interface as well as an “advanced hatching” mode to make your life easier when breeding creatures.
  • Tons of new cards, titles, wardrobe costumes, and more!

So what’s next? If you’ve been paying attention to our roadmap, you’ll know that “Tavern Brawls” are the final major feature that we’ll add before the game is released. My guess is that these brawls will introduce some of the most fun, replayable content the Siralim series has ever offered. Of course, this feature is also very complex, so it will take some serious time to implement.

Aside from tavern brawls, we still have plenty of quality-of-life improvements to implement, along with Mac and Linux versions of the game.

And, of course, development won’t stop after Siralim 3 leaves Early Access. We already have several post-launch content updates planned that are sure to bring you hundreds of hours of additional entertainment.

I hope you’re enjoying Siralim 3! Thanks to everyone who has continued to submit suggestions, bug reports, or even comments of appreciation.

Siralim 3: Early Access Report #2

It’s been almost a month since I last posted a report on Siralim 3’s progress in Early Access, and what a productive month it’s been! The amount of features that we’ve added to the game in just a few weeks is staggering. If you haven’t been keeping a close eye on the patch notes, here’s a quick rundown of just some of the new features we’ve added since we posted last month:

  • Nether Crucible. This relic allows you to summon the bosses you defeated during the main story quests and fight more powerful versions of them. Each boss drops one of many exclusive legendary crafting materials, along with several other rare items.
  • Mallet of Awakening. You can assemble these mallets by completing prophecies. They are used to awaken your artifacts, granting them a chance to cast a spell when your creatures attack.
  • Breeding Adjustments. There are now fewer breeding recipes to find, and you now have a chance to find rare recipes for creatures you haven’t seen before. The breeding interface has also been improved significantly, and you can even choose how your creatures are sorted in the breeding menus. In addition, Heredity was revamped – you can read about it here.
  • Talisman powers are now fully implemented and functional. Several talismans have been changed or rebalanced to make them more useful as well.
  • Artifact Adjustments. Gone are the days of worrying about whether an artifact is “Crafted” or not. And, just for good measure, we’ve added some new artifact properties as well. Read about all the changes here.
  • Knowledge Adjustments. It is now a little easier and more satisfying to gain knowledge about creatures, and it is now far less difficult to gain knowledge about Itherian Creatures.
  • Casual John, a new NPC who allows you to increase the difficulty of enemies in exchange for greater rewards.
  • Life Mage Perk adjustments. We merged a few of the less-powerful perks together and added some awesome new ones to the game.
  • New prophecies, as well as adjustments to the arena prophecy to make it easier to complete.
  • Enchanted Trashcan. Tired of seeing so many artifacts or spell gems when you find loot? Filter them out with this strange item!
  • 88 new achievements.
  • Tons of quality of life improvements.

Many of these additions wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback. Thanks to everyone who has continued to post suggestions, bug reports, and even words of encouragement!

Wait a minute. Before we continue, let’s celebrate this milestone with a new creature code. Just give the code “SUMMER” (without quotes) to the jester in Nex and you’ll receive a shiny new Singular Chaos Guard Egg! Not sure how to redeem a code? We’ve got you covered with this guide.

Moving forward, here’s a list of what I plan to work on next:

  • Macros. I’m still not sure if this idea will end up working out, but the idea is that you’ll be able to specify a set of actions that your creatures will take if they meet certain conditions. For example, one macro line might read “If this creature has less than 50% Health, cast Healing on this creature”. You can add as many of these lines to a creature as you want, and then you’ll simply choose the “Macro” command in battle and the game will take care of the rest. The idea here is that you’ll be able to create your own artificial intelligence for your creatures. I have some really cool ideas about how else these macros can be used in other content, but it’s too soon to reveal anything just yet.
  • Gate of the Gods. This relic allows you to challenge the gods to battle. If you defeat them enough, you might earn the right to summon their avatars as creatures that can fight for you.
  • Balance. I’m planning to do my first balance pass on the game very soon. Spells, traits, runes, perks, resource costs, enemy level scaling, and item drop rates will all be adjusted to make for more comfortable and rewarding gameplay.

There’s plenty more to come after that as well, but I’m not quite sure what order I’ll tackle it in.

I know that one of the most common questions you have is when the game will be available on other platforms, such as Mac, Android, or PS4. Unfortunately, I still don’t have an answer for you yet. As long as the game is in Early Access on Steam, I won’t be working on any version other than Windows, Mac, and Linux, and I’ll announce additional platform release dates as soon as I can.

Thanks to everyone for their support! I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about the game from happy players, many of whom have invested hundreds of hours into the game already. It is amazing to watch players interact with each other on our forums, social media, and Discord server to discuss the game and suggest ways we can improve it together. Let’s keep it up!

Siralim 3 – Artifact Changes

In today’s patch, the main focus is to make some big changes to the artifacts system. Rather than wasting your time explaining why the current implementation is bad, I’m just going to jump right into how the new system works. It’s very similar to the old system, except I’ve removed or changed some of the more frustrating things about it.

  • Each type of artifact (swords, axes, etc) now comes with one guaranteed stat. Each type of artifact has a different stat. Swords always grant a bonus to the Attack stat, while Bows always grant a bonus to your chance to deal critical damage with attacks.
  • When you find an artifact (such as in treasure chests), all the stats that artifact has are considered “innate”. Innate stats cannot be reforged or disenchanted, but they typically have higher values than non-innate stats. Traits are never considered “innate”, so you can always disenchant a trait from any artifact under all circumstances.
  • Innate stats are marked with * before each stat name.
  • Everything else stays the same as before. There are a few small quality-of-life improvements that I didn’t mention here, but that’s about it.
  • Bonus: six new rare artifact properties have been added to the game, along with crafting materials for these properties.
  • Note: the artifacts that you acquired before this patch will be treated as if only their first stat is innate.

Everything about this system simply makes it feel more streamlined and easier to understand.

For more information, check out the library.

Siralim 3 – Major Update to Breeding

Today, Siralim 3 received a major patch that overhauls the way breeding – or, more specifically, heredity – works. This post will explain why these changes were made and should help players to quickly understand how the new system works.

Problems With the Old System

In its previous form, heredity had three major issues:

  1. It blocked players’ progress at inopportune times, forcing them to forgo their current goals and focus on breeding instead. This was especially obvious during the main story quests – many players would quickly plow through the story bosses, but hit a roadblock when their creatures reached the soft level cap.
  2. Many players felt like they weren’t gaining anything from breeding. That would be fine, except thanks to problem #1, they were forced to partake in this system.
  3. Later on, it was too easy to gain heredity, and the system became almost pointless. After a while, it was easy to gain hundreds of heredity per breeding session. The solution to that would be for me to cut down on the amount of heredity gained from breeding. Unfortunately, that’s a great way to convince players to track me down and kill me in real life.

I played around with a few ideas to remedy these problems, but in the end, it became clear that the entire system needed to be overhauled entirely.

Goals of the New System

I wanted to provide an incentive for players to breed their creatures aside from the possibility of merely unlocking new ones. Without some additional goal, the entire system feels very empty.

I also wanted to provide another, interesting way to customize your creatures at the same time. After hours of brainstorming, I finally came up with a new system that I think you’ll either like, or simply not care about at all – and that’s great either way because now, you’re no longer forced to breed at all if you don’t want to.

How the New System Works

I want to start this off by saying that the new system is a lot simpler than I’m about to make it sound. If you don’t understand it, don’t worry about it – you’ll pick it up immediately after you breed your creatures a few times.

I’m going to break it down step-by-step for easier reading:

  • Heredity as you know it is gone. No more soft level caps. The term “Heredity”, however, will continue to be used with the new system.
  • Each creature now has a “Heredity” value for each of its five stats: Health, Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed. These heredities affect the amount of each stat a creature gains when it levels up.
  • When a creature levels up, it gains 30% of its base stats. That’s how the game has always worked – nothing new here.
  • Heredities now modify that 30% value. If a creature has 2 Attack heredity, it will gain 32% Attack each time it levels up, rather than 30%.
  • Heredities can be negative, too. If a creature has -2 Defense heredity, it will gain 28% Defense each time it levels up, rather than 30%.
  • Each heredity has a maximum of 15, and a minimum of -15. In other words, a creature gain gain a maximum of 45% of a certain base stat per level, and a minimum of 15% of a certain base stat per level.
  • The total of all five of a creature’s heredities is always 0. If a creature has -5 Attack heredity, it also has positive heredities that balance it out. This means that you’ll never be able to make an overpowered creature using this system – it is merely meant to allow you to indirectly allocate stat points.

Simple enough, right? So, how do creatures pass on their Heredities to their offspring, and how do creatures gain new heredities?

  • When you breed two creatures, they pass on all their heredities to the offspring.
  • After a creature participates in enough battles, it will eventually become “Primed”.
  • When breeding, each “Primed” parent will give the offspring 1 positive and 1 negative heredity, based on that creature’s highest and lowest stats.
  • This means that if both parents are primed, the offspring will gain 2 positive and 2 negative heredities.
  • Parents always pass on their own heredities, even if they’re not primed. Priming is only necessary if you want to adjust the offspring’s heredity even more.