Thylacine Studios, LLC is an independent game development company that was founded in 2014. Our goal is to provide you with deep, retro-style RPGs that are sure to evoke thousands of hours of nostalgia and entertainment.

The company is headed by game designer and programmer Zack Bertok. We’re also fortunate to work with Tim Bongiovanni from Northgate Productions for music and sound design, along with Maarten Boot who works as our graphics artist.

We’ve also recently added another excellent graphics artist named JC Malapit to our team, along with Joshua Queen who works as another music and sound designer. Thanks to JC and Josh, we now have the capacity to work on two games at a time.

Currently, we target the following platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. In the future, we hope to support Nintendo Switch as well.

So what are we up to right now? We are working on two major games:

  1. Siralim 3. We plan to support this game with massive content updates long after the game is released.
  2. The Negative, a dark and evocative RPG with monster capture elements. Imagine the depth of gameplay from Siralim crossed with the emotional environments of Dark Souls.