Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Relics of the Gods

Welcome back! In this dev blog, I’m proud to reveal a new feature that serves as a long-term source of end-game progression in Siralim Ultimate: Relics of the Gods!

Note: I’m in the middle of a family emergency right now, so I apologize for this post being much shorter than the others. Even so, this particular feature is fairly complex, so I think it is best described as concisely as possible anyway.

Relics of the Gods

This isn’t a simple feature to explain by any stretch of the imagination, so I’m going to try to describe how relics work without rambling on with too many details:

  • Prophecies (infinite, repeatable, randomly generated, end-game quests) now reward a new type of currency when you complete them: Piety. The amount of Piety that you’ll earn is based on how difficult the Prophecy is.
  • Save up enough Piety and take it to Elize. If you’ve played previous Siralim games, you already know that Elize handles your Prophecies for you. Now, she also has a shop.
  • Spend your Piety at Elize’s shop to unlock a new relic of your choice. There are 21 different relics to choose from – one for each god. Eventually, you’ll be able to unlock them all, so just choose whichever is your favorite at first.
  • Your creatures can equip these relics, meaning you can have up to 6 relics in your party at a time – one equipped to each creature. You can equip and un-equip them at any time, as long as you’re in your castle. There’s no cost or penalty for doing so.
  • Relics are, essentially, skill trees that you can attach to your creatures. The creature that has a specific relic equipped gains that relic’s properties.
  • You can level up a relic by spending even more Piety at Elize’s shop. Each level gives you 1 skill point to spend on that relic’s skills. Each relic typically has around 7 or 8 skills. These skills have a maximum level, so eventually, your most powerful relics won’t gain any more skill points.
  • You can think of relic skills as miniature versions of creature traits. They’re powerful, but also niche, so you’ll need to build your party around them to take full advantage of them. For example: Ice Shards – After a Frozen enemy thaws or is killed, this creature deals damage to all enemies equal to X% of the Frozen creature’s Maximum Health.
  • After a relic is “maxed out” in terms of skill points, you can still continue to level them up to gain Synergies. Synergies grant your creatures permanent stat boosts. The stat (Health, Attack, Intelligence, Defense, or Speed) depends on what relic your creatures are using. For example, Azural’s relic grants a boost to Attack, while Zonte’s relic grants a boost to Intelligence. Synergies affect all the creatures in your party.
  • Synergies replace the generic stat-boosting perks from previous Siralim games.
  • Relics can also be Awakened, allowing the relic to take on a life of its own. Each relic can be awakened up to 5 times. Each time a relic is awakened, it unlocks an additional benefit for that relic. For example, after you’ve awakened Wintermaul, Great Hammer of Azural for the first time, the hammer will take on a life of its own and attack enemies in battle as if it were an extra creature in your party. Awaken it a second time, and it’ll cast Frozen-based spells on enemies. And yes, relics have their own attack animations.
  • How you awaken a relic is something related to a feature that I have yet to reveal.
  • If you ask politely on Discord, Nieve might be willing to share some visuals to accompany this dev blog.
  • Dry your tears, druids. I’m aware that you don’t have 6 creatures and can’t equip 6 relics. There’s a solution for that in the form of a perk.

Please note that nothing mentioned in this blog post is finalized. I reserve the right to change or remove anything mentioned in this post at any time. If you’re reading this post after the game has already launched, your best bet is to forget everything you just read because very few of the things I write about will remain untouched in the final product.

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