Siralim Ultimate: New Specs, New Arena Modes, and More!



Hey everyone, welcome back to the Thylacine Studios Podcast. I hope you’re all having a great start to 2021! I have a lot to talk about in this episode, so let’s get started.

First, I want to remind you that I sent out the backer surveys to everyone. You should have received them in your e-mail that is associated with your Kickstarter account, or your PayPal e-mail address if you purchased something on our backer shop through our website. The due date for these surveys is March 1, so make sure you submit them in time. If you haven’t received your survey, please contact me via e-mail (zack at thylacine studios . com).

I also want to remind everyone that Siralim Ultimate will be released on Steam Early Access on March 12. This will be for Windows and Linux only – none of the other platforms have an ETA yet, it’s just too soon to predict something like that.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about what you can expect to see in the next major content patch for Siralim Ultimate. We have five new specializations on the way, along with some new arena modes, Nether Realms, and much more. I’ll start by explaining how each of the new specializations works.



First, there’s the Rune Knight. Rune Knights have access to five unique spells that no other specialization has. Each spell belongs to one of the five classes, and they all pretty much do the same thing. They deal a large amount of damage to their target, and they also activate the caster’s on-attack effects. They also utilize whatever stat their class is associated with instead of Intelligence. For example, the Chaos spell uses Attack instead of Intelligence to deal damage. The specialization revolves around your creatures casting these spells and gaining benefits based on the number of times they’ve cast them. The specialization is meant to feel kind of like a “spellblade” or “mystic knight” archetype you might be familiar with from other games. I’m a big fan of the Rune Knight – it’s very unique and adds a totally different way to play the game.

Next up is the Purgatorian. I know I just said that Rune Knights are really unique and change things up quite a lot, but the Purgatorian really turns the game upside down. The idea behind this spec is that your dead creatures are still able to fight on their own, and they’ll be much more powerful than your living creatures since all the Purgatorian’s perks revolve around enhancing your dead creatures. This spec might end up being totally broken and I might need to revamp it at some point because it changes so many game mechanics that battles are designed around. For example, one of its perks allows your creatures’ traits to be active even while they’re dead. Some other perks allow your creatures to maintain their buffs, minions, and stat modifications through death as well. The idea behind this spec is that it’s very high-risk, high-reward, since in an ideal world you’ll only leave one of your creatures alive while you intentionally kill off the others to take advantage of your perks. I’m really excited to see what builds people come up with for this spec, and hopefully, I won’t need to change too many things to make it all work well.

One specialization that is very different from what I originally announced is the Fanatic. Originally, I wanted players to be able to choose one of the gods to worship and that would confer different benefits to your creatures using the Fanatic’s perks. That didn’t turn out to work very well. It wasn’t practical to design hundreds of different perks for one specialization, and it was also really hard to think of unique ways each god could benefit this spec. So, I revamped it entirely, and I think it’s really cool now. The idea behind Fanatics is that they make great use of Avatars and Godspawn creatures. One of the Fanatic’s perks allows you to have 2 additional Avatars in your party for a total of 3 which is absolutely insane. Other perks give your Ultimate Spell Gems more charges. For Godspawn, some perks allow them to transform into Avatars in battle and utilize Ultimate Spell Gems as well. This is definitely a spec that is oriented toward the end-game, so for that reason, you won’t be able to unlock it until after you’ve obtained your first Avatar creature.

Next we have the Spellweaver. Spellweavers use a resource called Infusions. There’s an Infusion for each of the five classes, and you gain Infusions by casting a spell from that class. So, if you cast Fireball, you’ll gain 1 Chaos Infusion. Other perks have unique effects that consume these Infusions. While you have at least 1 of each Infusion, your creatures can cast a new spell called Colorwave. There’s a version of Colorwave for each class, and Colorwave does something different depending on its class. It’s an insanely powerful spell, but it also consumes your Infusions, so you need to think before you use it. This spec is designed for players who like to take their time in battle and think things through – I think it will be very rewarding to use this spec against difficult bosses, for example.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Grovetender. Grovetenders work a bit like Animators in that they gain access to a unique creature called the Herbling. However, that’s the only real similarity they have to Animators. The Herbling starts out as a tiny little… herb thing… and evolves in battle as your other creatures kind of… “water” it. Your Herbling will grow as it is healed, buffed, or when it gains stats. There are 6 different tiers for the Herbling, and its appearance changes with each tier. The higher its tier, the more powerful its perks become. For example, one of the perks is called Parasitic Fertilization: At the start of your Herbling’s turn, it casts Germinate. This spell affects a number of enemies equal to its Tier. So, at tier 6, this normally single-target spell would affect all enemies. The idea behind this spec is for your creatures to act in support of your Herbling to allow it to grow very quickly and become so powerful that your enemies don’t stand a chance.

That’s all I have to say about specializations for now. With this patch, the specializations I promised everyone will all be implemented. That means the only remaining specializations for me to add are the ones from our backers.


Arena Modes

Next, let’s talk about some new arena modes. Originally, I announced there would be 2 new arena modes added to the game: Boss Rush Mode, which involves players drafting a team in the arena and fighting against all the games’ story bosses; and the other mode was called Spectator Mode, which made your creatures fight on their own using the same AI as enemies. Well, both of these ideas were terrible. Boss Rush Mode felt really redundant thanks to the addition of Nether Bosses, and Spectator Mode battles were really boring because it was possible for creatures to heal and resurrect each other for so long that battles could last for several minutes each. I scrapped both ideas and came up with 3 new ones instead, and I think you’re going to like them.

The first mode is called Infinite Arena. This mode works exactly like the normal arena mode, except there’s no limit to the number of matches you’ll fight and your enemies will grow stronger after each battle. It’s definitely a lot more difficult than the normal arena mode, but you’ll also earn more Glory from it. I’m planning to add a few more things to this mode in the future to spice it up, but it should be fun enough for now.

The other two arena modes are far more interesting. The first is called Wild Arena. At the start of a Wild Arena draft, you’ll receive a random “rule”. This rule might dictate the creatures that are available to you in your draft, or it might affect the battles in the arena itself. For example, one rule forces all creatures in your draft to belong to the Life class, and all your enemies’ creatures will be from the Life class as well. Another rule afflicts all creatures with Blight permanently, so you’d probably want to draft creatures that can heal your enemies to take advantage of this debuff. This is an extremely dynamic arena mode and should make for a fresh experience every time you play it.

Lastly, we have Masters Mode. As in, Creature Masters Mode. You’ll choose from 1 of 6 Rodian Creature Masters to play as, and you’ll fight the remaining 5 Masters in the arena. This mode is definitely for advanced players, and you can only play as Masters that you’ve already encountered on your journey. This one should be a lot of fun since all the Masters’ teams are pretty strong due to their racial synergies. You’ll also have access to that Master’s signature trait to really spice things up.

So, that’s it for arenas. I hope you guys are excited about these upcoming modes!

Other News

In other news, I’m already hard at work on some backer content. We have at least one Nether Realm ready to go that a backer designed, along with a few skins, decorations, costumes, and more. I’ll also have a preliminary set of NPCs that can spawn in realms that will have your chosen name and costume. When you talk to these NPCs, they’ll give you some treasure. I decided that they needed to give you treasure since otherwise they’d just be in the way and would become really annoying.

One other random piece of news is that I’ve made some adjustments to Nether Stones in the next patch. In general, the Nether Stones you find will be more powerful as your Realm Depth increases. Now, you can’t expect them to ALWAYS be more powerful – they’re still meant to be random, but they should be much better on average now. Also, there was previously a cap on how strong a Nether Stone could be, and that cap has since been removed. This ensures that Nether Stones can continue to grow more powerful no matter how long you play the game.


I hope to have this patch out in late February so we can test it for a few days and fix any issues that come up before the game hits Early Access. I’m also deep into the design process for the next major patch after that, and we have a lot of art done for it as well, so there’s really an insane amount of content in the pipeline. Of course, we’re also hard at work on all your backer content, and I’ll continue to add more backer content in each patch.

That’s it for this episode, and I’ll see you guys next time!