Siralim Ultimate alpha has begun!

The Siralim Ultimate alpha test is finally upon us! You should have received your key via e-mail by now. Be sure to check your spam folders. If you still haven’t received one, let me know. If you ordered multiple keys, you’ll receive a separate e-mail for each one.

If you come across any bugs or want to make a suggestion, please post on our official forums ( or our Steam forums (

Curious as to what you can expect during alpha? Check out our roadmap:

If you want to chat with your fellow players, be sure to check us out on Discord ( or visit us on Reddit (

A few things to note about the alpha version:

  • The UI is in good shape but there’s still room for improvements. One major thing I have in mind is that shops and other UIs that require the player to spend currency need to show how much you have – some still don’t.
  • Not all creature sprites are revamped yet and we’re using Siralim 3 sprites as placeholders. Some of the revamps are still just placeholders as well – any race that doesn’t have unique poses for each creature is not final.
  • NPC sprites and specialization character sprites are very much a work in progress.
  • Some creatures don’t have dialog yet when you summon them.
  • Steam Achievements aren’t implemented, but the game is tracking your progress and you’ll be awarded these achievements retroactively once they’re implemented. Not all of them will be retroactive, but the important ones are. In other words, you won’t permanently miss out on any achievements by participating in alpha testing.
  • Ignore all references to achievements, titles, accolades, and things like that. They’re all going to be combined into one system and will work differently than in previous games.
  • Tutorials and game guides aren’t implemented yet but they are a priority. For now, if you have questions, feel free to ask around on Discord or our forums!
  • When you’re decorating your castle, don’t stack decorations on top of each other for now. It’ll cause problems.
  • Mac and Linux versions of the alpha version will be available in the coming weeks.
  • Just because you participate in alpha testing on Steam doesn’t mean you need to choose that platform for your digital copy key(s). You can test the game on Steam and then choose a totally different platform when the game is released if you want.
  • Streaming and content creation is allowed and encouraged.
  • Your save files will not be wiped out after alpha finishes.
  • Expect multiple patches per day for the first few days of alpha testing. After that, we’ll slow down the rate of patching as I work on adding more content and major features to the game.
  • As for backer rewards, we’ll send out a survey toward the end of beta testing to collect your information. For now, enjoy the alpha test!

I hope you’ll enjoy the game! Thank you so much for your continued support. I can’t wait to hear what you think about Siralim Ultimate!

– Zack Bertok