Siralim Ultimate: Trailer, Steam Page, and Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page

I have some major announcements to make today!

  1. Our Steam Store Page is now live. Please remember to wishlist the game – it helps us out a lot by improving our visibility on Steam!
  2. Our Kickstarter Pre-launch page is now live as well. Feel free to follow it (or just bookmark it) ahead of its launch on Friday, May 1 at 3pm EDT!
  3. And lastly, I’m pleased to finally show off our Kickstarter pre-alpha gameplay trailer for Siralim Ultimate. Hope you like it!


4 thoughts to “Siralim Ultimate: Trailer, Steam Page, and Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page”

  1. Hyped for the kickstarter! Overall the video was great, nice teases thrown in here and there (druid PC, new/updated monsters, new gods, etc).

    With everything starting to come together, my personal views on the good and the bad.

    … Going from 5 class choices to 5 classes with 5 specializations each, is going to be amazing! Just you walking around with the druid and seeing the new monsters really gets me excited to dive into different party ideas
    … Although small, the icons really help with the bloat of text going into the menus. Really shows now in video form
    … The sprite-work on the monsters has improved greatly, especially the graphics for the battlers on the bottom of the screen. They look clean and sharp! And the little animations they do when attacking and what not is just icing on the cake, makes the game feel more alive! Side-note, I love how expressive the cockatrice is on the overworld while walking

    … Lets talk about the monster breeding for a second. While the new sprites look fantastic, the four color outcomes do not. The system is interesting, I’ll give you that, however being forced to color swap your critter from a nice color set into one of four system generated ones feels bad. Especially right after you mention “1000 unique monsters with no recolors!”. I think retaining original colors might be something to consider as an option.
    … About the realms, I understand the retro design is somewhat intentional, but with all of the modernization brought about over three games now, I think the realms can afford a few tiny improvements. Right now they feel very flat, and with the now fairly detailed props for each tile-set, they feel even more so. I think with the addition of two things, the appearance and weight of your realms will be enhanced greatly. Shadows and footsteps. For footsteps, it could be as simple as the tile behind your last monster has a realm-specific trampled overlay that fades out over 3 tiles. As for shadows, that would be a large thing to tackle, but it would remove the floating appearance of the party traveling through the castle and the realms. These two things combined are the only accents I think you need to really bring traveling in your game to the next level.

    Overall, a really good showing of your work and I can’t wait to pre-order it through kickstarter!

    1. I agree completely. A lot of this looks amazing and I’m super excited!

      Some of the “morphs” look cool, but others look pretty bad. As someone who would combine very strategically and sacrifice cosmetics for a good team, it would be nice to have the option to keep the original palette when combining. This could cause a visibility issue in tavern brawls where players think morphs are the “stock” monster, but an easy fix to this is to have your morphs always show up recolored to other players.

      Shadows and footsteps would be HUGE. I think you’re talking about to the realm as a whole, but even just semi-transparent gray circles under the player and monsters would add a lot, I think.
      Also the floor at 1:51 is way too busy for me. I like the items and things in the realm, but there are so many contrasting dots and straight lines I don’t know where to look.

      Other than that, everything looks fantastic!

  2. To build upon ZAC’s comment above, maybe giving the player the ability to edit a bred monster’s palette in game would be ideal, so they can be colored however the player wishes.

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